Saturday, December 12, 2009

------------Flat Lines-------------------------

Did you see that? ----------------------This is what Maddison's CGM looked like for 6 whole hours last night----------------------------.From Midnight to 6am, Maddison's blood sugar stayed between 120 and 143. Have you any idea how LONG I've been chasing numbers at night? I'm sure you do. The last few days Maddison's nighttime numbers have been really good, something I have worked on again for MONTHS. Seeing this progress and knowing my sweet Maddison is her healthiest at night is priceless. Lets hope this continues at least another couple nights. I think the days of not having to constantly adjust insulin doses are gone. I'm always changing something. Always. Looks like this is just our new "normal." Thats really hard to swallow some days, but even just one night of -----------------------really makes a difference in my outlook.

I still trick myself into believing that it is possible to go through times where I dont have to make adjustments to avoid Maddison's highs and lows. You know, the times when things are actually predictable and you dont have to change anything? I think the last time we had a "calm" streak with Maddison's blood sugars was.........last year. Yep. Its been a long time. I think our new normal is one week of decency followed by chaos. Adjusting. Almost there. Good. Great for three days. Nope. Highs. Adjusting. Adjusting. Adjusting. I think I'm gonna scream. Oh, progress. Progress. FINALLY. Nope. That was just one good day. Lows, what the hell are these lows!!??

Oh well. This is Diabetes. Who would have known? Those first easy couple of years really tricked me. I thought I could do THIS. But THIS wasnt what IT was really going to be like. Now I see. It is what it is. I think us D moms are some of the most resilient people on earth. Man, we are amazing!


Wendy said...

I love to hear about those flatlines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would HATE to see what the CGM has to say about Addy right now -- YIKES -- might break!

Anyway, I heard once that if we can keep the numbers consistently good at night, it's half the battle and should result in a great A1c.

Keep up the good work!

Tracy said...

I feel like that is all we do too! Adjust, adjust, adjust! We D mom's are definitely amazing.

I hope you get a few more flat line nights before you need more changes.

Meri said...

My biggest goal is always to get them in range at Wendy said...I'm half way to our goal that way!!! But, as you's NEVER easy. :( I'm proud of you. You press on no matter persevre for her well being, and I know how hard it's been for you. I just want you to know, that even if heck breaks loose tonight with her are doing an amazing job. How do I know? I just KNOW!

phonelady said...

Yep that is our life , changes and more changes and dont even talk about how to adjust when you are sick . I hate it . Have been in bed a wk with the flu . talk about changes LOL !!!