Wednesday, December 2, 2009

News promo

This afternoon Maddison took part in a local News station promo (mini fashion show)for this weekends upcoming "American Girl" holiday show....LIVE!! How fun! Maddison says she wasn't nervous a bit, I think it helped that her friend Charlize was a chosen American girl too :) Here's a picture of the JDRF American Girls!

Dad forgot to bring the camera!! AHHHHHHH!!!! These pictures were taken by cell phone. Thats ok, next up is a Saturday morning promo on a different news channel, followed by rehearsal...and finally, the actual Holiday show (2 of them) on Sunday! Betcha can't guess what Maddison will be getting this Christmas :)

In other news...highs highs be gone! This is week 3 of manipulating basals and ratios for Maddison....FINALLY she was in range all day so far this week! Not one number over 170 and not one under 100. Now I just wonder how long this will last? Even the CGM shows a nice "flat" line for several hours in the day. I say "flat" because compared to what we were seeing the last 3 weeks, this is about as good as it gets!

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phonelady said...

Yeah Kelly I know you are thrilled and praying that the highs dont rear their ugly head and I am sending good thoughts your way for this awesome event.