Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh brother!

Diabetes and McDonalds

Oh Man. I just came across this headline in the news. If this doesn't screw our kids with others uneducated outlook on Type 1 I dont know what does. Meal choices for people with Diabetes? We get our own menu now! You better not order from the regular menu or the Mcdonalds food police will come get you! How about meal choices that are healthier choices for EVERYONE? The intention is good, but it still annoys me.


Wendy said...

Talk about misleading....4.5 carbs in a burger meal????? Are you kidding???? Couldn't help but to notice the little asterisk and then reading in the fine print that each "carbohydrate choice" is really estimated at 15 carbs each. Nice. So, when folks start going into DKA because they only covered 4 carbs?????

I hate this stuff. Really, what's wrong with just listing the nutritional information and leaving it at that?

Tracy said...


That is all I can think to say.


Meri said...


Hallie said...


you know, I haven't been at this diabetes stuff very long and I'm already tired of dealing with the uneducated, uninformed masses.

Does anyone really do exchanges anymore? I think that's pretty misleading. Especially at first when it's all so new and confusing!

I agree. Put the carb counts on it and leave us alone.

Amy said...

Very misleading with the carb choices! I know if I had ran across something like that right after Jada's diagnosis, it really would have confused me. What about older "newbie" diabetics who don't get a lot of education? They should have just left it alone!

Anonymous said...

Can't get the flat lines overnight all the time I don't think. Yes, we do have stable BS 1:30 thru 7:30am often though. 6pm thru 12:30, forget it; not ever happening. We have really stable numbers all day long at school, though, most days, have for years. I am hoping cgms helps you achieve this (does not seem to be Maddison's experience). I know it can; just a pain to answer all the alarms. I am so glad you have this to help you now. It will make all the difference

phonelady said...

Im with Wendy on this one and she said it all with her comment .