Thursday, December 10, 2009

Love it!

Thank you Meri for this very thoughtful award! For receiving this award, I’m supposed to write about 5 things that I love......

1) Cyber Diabetes- without the internet world of Diabetes education, facts, forums, blogs, advice, PARENTS.....I would feel oh so alone. Our children wouldn't be nearly as healthy as they are because education is truely LIMITED if you go by what the hospital, Endo's or CDE's teach alone. I cannot stress enough how the online Diabetes community has given me UNDERSTANDING, HOPE, PEACE, HAPPINESS, ACCEPTANCE, and FRIENDSHIPS that I would never have found otherwise. From the adults at to the parents at CWD I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL for giving me so much knowledge and support back in the early days when everything was so overwhelming and confusing. LOVE IT!

2) My girls, thats too obvious...hmmmm....Coffee? Yes, I LOVE coffee. That one (big)yummy cup of coffee each morning is what makes the past nights lack of sleep bearable.

3) The "Hood" My neighborhood. Kinda a love hate sometimes because its always so busy! We all moved in 10yrs ago when the neighborhood was built and we were all pregnant at the same time with our 2nd child! AND our oldests are all born the same year! Gotta love it! Friendships, fun and watching our kids grow up together, nothing beats that.

4) Aunt Christie. Always going the extra mile. Always there. Always putting everyone else first. She helps us more than she could ever know. In huge ways and small ways. A dedicated hard worker, almost done with her Ph.d! I think she's the most caring and understanding person I know. If I could have chosen a sister to grow up with, it would have been her.

5) My husband? I'm supposed to mention him right? LOL He drives me bonkers. He drives me MAD. I'm so NOT blinded by love anymore. Those days are far gone, but I think I will keep him. He loves his kids like no other. No matter how many times I complain about this or that, when it comes down to it, we are in this crazy life together. Always.

Now, 5 friends who I would like to pass this very prestigious award on to…Hmmmm....I can't award the same you didnt know I consider you a friend!! Cyber friendship through Diabetes is one of the greatest friendships!

Carey Potash at DLIFE (We aren't actually "friends" but his blogs makes me LOL no matter how crazy life gets!)I SO wish I had his sense of humor!

BETH who doesn't blog nearly enough! Geez lady! What do you do all day? :)

KRIS who I don't know all that well, but I do know you are an amazing mom and we think alot alike!


Tracy I think she's got 2 of the cutest kids EVER!


Meri said...

I love how you switch from your girls to coffee mid sentence...that takes moxie! I like that!

Jack's Pack said...

Wow, Kelly, thanks for passing on the award to me! I love YOUR blog! I need to ponder what five things I'm going to write about, and to whom I'll pass on this award. :)

Hope you and Maddison are feeling better!!!

Beth said...

Thanks for passing on the award....I'll *try* to be better, I promise. :)