Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Flying by

Oh how the days fly by this last week before Christmas! Maddison's blood sugars have been AWESOME despite all the Christmas celebrations and sweets. Her meter average is 160 and we've only been poking those tiny fingers 4-8 times a day! That REALLY gives me so much relief from Christmas craziness! Thats truely all I could wish for, Diabetes behaving. Maddison is still taking a break from the CGM since everything has been "stable." ((KNOCK ON WOOD))Our support group Xmas party was on Saturday (I forgot my camera!) and it was a great time as always! Hannah is busy having sleep overs at our house nearly every night with her friends thanks to Xmas break. Oh how I love these 13yr old girls! They giggle so much. They are so full of energy and have dreams of so much. They are SO funny to listen too.

I had dinner with my Dad last night while Hannah had Volleyball practice. He looks GREAT. He seems much happier than usual, and he's even more ornery than his normal self! He told me that he thinks the Cardiologist "exaggerated" on the extent of his blockages. Thats just like him. Some things never change! He also said he thinks they push surgery on everyone for the money. All I could do was smile, but cry in my heart. Thats my Dad. He is looking so good and feeling so well that it gives me an enormous amount of hope. Or, maybe its denial.

I'm stuck working this week while Josh has time off. I hate not being home when my kids are home! I was SO proud of them yesterday though, they actually completed everything on their chore list, and I came home to a decently clean house :) I'm hoping everyone is staying sane these last few days before Christmas! Best wishes to make it through!


phonelady said...

Oh Kelly I m so glad your dad is looking better and feeling better . It is all those prayers that came your familys way . I wish your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year god bless you and yours .

Meri said...

I am so happy your father is feeling good! He reminds me so much of MY father! :)

And great numbers make for a great Christmas! I am so happy things are settling down for you.

Wendy said...

I'm so happy to hear that your Dad is doing well!!!!

Merry Christmas, my friend. (((HUGS))) I love you and your family to bits!

Tracy said...

Knocking on some wood for you! I hope the GOOD numbers continue!

I will continue to pray for you and your dad. I hope his feeling good is a good sign!

Leighann of D-Mom Blog said...

I am happy to say that for the most part my daughter's diabetes behaved itself around Christmas too. And that was despite all the candy, cookies, and desserts that she had.

Glad to hear it was behaving for you too!

I just launched a new blog called D-Mom Blog, which I hope is a resource to other parents of diabetic children. I hope to develop relationships with more parents.

(I've included you in my blogroll already.)

D-Mom Blog http://www.d-mom.com