Monday, December 1, 2008

BLACK Monday

This morning Maddison made it clear once again that she considers Mondays to be BLACK MONDAY in her book. She still despises school (I am thinking she always will) and complained all night last night about Mondays being the worst day ever made. I silently agreed. She is just too much like me it seems!

She woke up at 237 on this BLACK MONDAY which rarely seems I failed to wake up for her 3am check after a correction at midnight. Had I checked her at
3am as I always do, she wouldn't have started her day so high. Damn it! In comes the guilt. Add to the yucky 237 an unusual breakfast of french toast sticks and she came in to see the school nurse 30 minutes after school started for feeling low. She was 267!! AHHHHH! I gave her a huge pre-bolus before breakfast!! We perfectly counted by carbs on the box! I guess we should have stuck with the typical breakfast this morning. Maddison was back in to see the nurse an hour later for her pre-recess check and she was 290!! There goes the "good" number streak from over the past week! I am feeling a bit of BLACK Monday here, can we please start the morning over?

Surprisingly, I was looking forward to returning to work today until Diabetes spoiled my outlook. I really need to work on numbers just being numbers and not letting them piss me off, I know. -Sigh- Anyway, being month end at work I was pretty eager and motivated to get November closed and see the results of my appeal attempts and A/R for this month. It has become obvious to me that towards the end of each calender year Insurance companies start to deny even more medical claims as a way to end their year with better outlook for profit vs loss. It's a dirty game I tell you! By November each year I can expect a huge increase in my claim denials which in turn makes me very determined to kick the insurance companies ass and refuse to play their game! Eventually I can usually defeat them at their own dirty game. It's too bad I'm not compensated a percentage of what I bring in. That would be a pretty penny!

So I'm hopeful this BLACK Monday turns around. I'm off to the Endo after work, she better not nag at me today! She always wants to get my morning numbers down,(130's) despite what my A1c may be. I think tonight I will enjoy a glass of wine and ignore the laundry that is piled high. Isn't Tuesday supposed to be Terrific Tuesday? Hmmm...I could use on of those. I wonder if I can convince Maddison of that one?

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Wendy said...

Something about school does that same thing to Addy -- EEK!!! You're doing a GREAT job...hang in there :)