Thursday, December 18, 2008

The hardest decision

I'm home waiting for an update on our puppy Harlee today. This morning I took him in to the vet because we suspect a bowel obstruction. Monday he wasn't well, vomited a sock which is quite common for him. How he repeatedly finds weird things to ingest is beyond me. He somehow finds things regardless of closing bedroom doors, crating him while we are away, and picking everything up that may look tempting to him. Tuesday he seemed better then began to vomit huge amounts of fluid. He had become increasing lethargic yesterday to the point we knew something is wrong. $600 later for starting IV fluids and medication, we can choose to do exploratory surgery at an additional cost of $1500-$5000. The xray is inconclusive. There **might** be something such as a sock, there isn't a guarantee. So, we wait. He could take a turn for the worst at any minute without the surgery. I'm faced with one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make in my life. I'm completely devastated.

After my first meltdown in the vets office, I came home to a message waiting for me to call Maddison's Endocrinologist for her lab results. I can't return that phone call at the moment. I'm too afraid of what her lab results might show. I can only handle so much in one day.

This silly dog we love so much is taking every bit of anything I have left in me. We watched him be born just 11months ago and he has never left our side. As any pet owner knows, he is more than just a pet, he is a huge part of what makes our family what it is today. I have to make a decision based on a "probable" diagnosis. We can decide to "wait and see" chancing Harlee could take a turn for the worst at any minute, or go ahead with an exploratory surgery that would worsen our COBRA and unemployment situation by putting us behind yet another $1500-$5,000. I'm sickened to think that money is an issue that stands between the dog we love so much....I dont even have the words to say what I'm feeling.....please, say a prayer for our Harlee.


Scott K. Johnson said...

That is a really tough thing. May you find peace and guidance in whatever decision you and the family make.

Lynnea said...

How sad....I am praying and hope all turns out o.k. What a difficult decision.:(