Friday, December 5, 2008

Disorganized today

Today I got to work and noticed I didn't have my beloved meter with me for the first time ever! I had used it to quickly check Maddison as we ran out the door this morning because of course, we couldn't find Maddison's so I am sure it awaits me on the kitchen counter. Since I drank a little too much wine last night, I was worried about going low since it takes me a good 12-18 hours to get that alcohol out of my system. Of course seeing that I didn't have my meter I started to feel a little low right away. Funny how powerful the mind can be. I had also just gotten off the phone with a claims representative (she had no idea what she was talking about!)and to say the least I was a bit pissed off after getting the run around for the 100th time on the same damn insurance claim. My heart was racing and I couldn't think straight. I thought for a few minutes. this a low or an adrenaline and anxiety rush? These insurance people can REALLY get your blood boiling when you know they have no idea what they are doing. You don't realize how much you love poking your finger until your meter isn't there! I thought maybe I'm just a little low. But, being the wine from last night maybe this is one of those SNEAKY lows that you dont feel until the damn 32 is staring back at you on the meter screen!

So, I sipped someones Sunny D from the fridge. I'm lucky someone at work had juice, I didn't have anything but Peanut Butter and an apple! Sitting here on my lunch hour I am eating some pizza, hoping I come home in range.....we shall see. I dont know how they did it years ago without meters!

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Brett said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog today.

I just read yours and yes we've done that too. Its a horrible feeling like riding in a car with no seatbelt...only worse!