Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lectured, my smarty pants!

Maddison said some funny things today....It started when I bought a bag of the holiday Peanut M&M's...dark chocolate! My favorite!

Maddison: (in her sarcastic, silly voice) "Mom, why would you buy PEANUT M&M's"?!!! "You know why?!" "Because you know I won't try PEANUTS and you don't want me to eat junk!!" "You bought the PEANUT kind because you don't want me to have any!"

ME: (with a mouth full) "I bought them because they are my favorite" "I never buy anything for myself"

Maddison: "Yeah, right" "You know that chocolate is easy to bolus for, it always turns out right for me, you even said so a hundred times"

ME: "That is true, you are a lucky chocolate eater like me"

Maddison: "Well you have Diabetes too you know, it isn't just me you have to take care of, you have to eat healthy yourself too"

ME: (feeling very guilty)

Maddison: "What did you have for lunch today at work mom?"

ME: (thinking UH OH!) "Nothing, I was too busy to eat today"

Maddison: "So you are eating candy for BREAKFAST AND LUNCH at 3pm, AND you have Diabetes mom"

Thanks for the reminder Maddison! Yes, I was really eating for the first time yesterday at 3pm and yes, it was Peanut M&M's. My justification? I decided to say I was testing my basal rates. (although I had 2 cups of coffee that was bolused!) Maddison didn't buy it. She told me I shouldn't treat my Diabetes any differently than hers. -Message clear-

Somehow we changed the subject to testing blood sugar in the classroom. I asked her if she would want to try testing herself (even though now isn't a good time)without supervision from the nurse. I explained why I think it is too complicated for her to treat her own lows in class without help.

Maddison: "Yeah, how would I understand digestion and know how much insulin I have active?" "Maybe I would only need 4c, I would want to eat like 50c"

ME: "Wow, you understand why it is tricky though!"

Maddison: "Yeah, my teacher doesn't. She doesn't know anything about Diabetes" "I'll tell you when" (when she is ready to)

I guess she listens more than I think she does! I always explain all my decisions of managing her blood sugar to her, I just thought she was bored and not caring to hear me. I guess she knows more than the average non "D"!! We even went on to talk about why ice cream, pizza and corn bread is evil for her 4-8 hours later. Then she came up with this....

Maddison: "Yeah, well, I know cereal gets me right away! I know it spikes my blood sugar in the morning too much, that's why you let me eat it AFTER school."

-Sigh- She is one smart peanut! (M&M!!)


Scott K. Johnson said...

Wow! That is awesome!

I like Peanut M&M's too (but not for breakfast and lunch...). :-)

Jill said...

LOL too funny! You have one very smarty "sweetie"!

Penny said...

The knowledge that our children have at such a young age still amazes me.