Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Trying her best

Today I had my weekly talk with Maddison's teacher to discuss how the past week has been for Maddison in class. Although Maddison had a yucky cold last week and was obviously not feeling well, her teacher had alot of great things to say about her participation and attitude in class. She mentioned that she can finally see Maddison making an honest effort of trying her BEST. She said that Maddison seems to "care" about her work rather than being sloppy and inattentive! Hooray! She is also in the highest reading group (reading is her strong point) and her overall attitude about class work (especially math) has really made a complete turn around. Maddison has even been doing extra credit math activities and she has exceeded expectations on new math concepts in last weeks studies! I can't tell you enough how proud (and relieved!)I am that she is FINALLY trying. She has had a horrible attitude this school year and pretty much reached shut down mode as soon as she entered school grounds. She finally cares! I knew she could do it if she just cared enough to TRY!

Something fabulous is really going on here. Maddison is taking giant leaps towards higher responsibility and independence just over the past few days. I'm not sure what is pushing her in this direction, but she is obviously feeling empowered and motivated. Alot of changing has been going on....normally when Maddison is low she will find me first and then I check her blood sugar. Lately though when she needs to test for a low she does by herself and then tells me her number, asking how much insulin is active and how much sugar or carbs she needs to treat it. I've been reminding her for months that she should check her lows quickly herself and THEN ask me about the carbs. Done deal I guess, she's got it covered now. Today she said she was feeling brave, and she is now proudly wearing her first arm site! I've noticed alot of other little things too.... She decided I cannot pick out her clothes each morning and she doesn't need my help for anything really, not even homework. She cleans her room with detail, no more stuffing everything in crazy places. I haven't had to remind her of her chores since last week either. She has it done. God forbid if I try to help her perfectly smooth her hair each morning! Today she told me not to touch her hair anymore, she can fix it herself! Amazing. She has always been an all or nothing kind of girl.....right now she is working on ALL part. Maddison is really trying her best in everything she does, every day lately. What a great feeling. Here is the real shocker.....the school Nurse emailed me today to say that Maddison told her she now LOVES school. WHAT? I'm wishing this IS true. Just like that? I dont know what they did today in class, but it sure made Maddison's day!


Scott K. Johnson said...

If you can figure out how to bottle that up, I could use a dose or two for my kiddos!!

Jill said...

Awww thats great! Maddison reminds me alot of Kacey. The teacher told me not long ago that she can always tell when Kacey is having a "Bad D-day" cuz shes grumpy and doesnt want to participate. I'm thankful we have a teacher that works with us on that because if we had one of those teachers that should have retired 20 years ago (laugh) and didnt have any patience then we'd really struggle more than we do already!

Way to go Maddison for trying the arm site! What a brave girl! :)