Saturday, November 29, 2008

Today I learned something about Miami

Maddison and I took a walk down "Bunny Trail" this afternoon, which is her favorite walking path in our neighborhood. We often see many bunnies hopping about there, and once we even found a turtle! She collected many interesting items to make a nature collage. We were talking about nature things as Maddison loves to do on the walk and as always, she shared some very informative facts that she learned by watching Animal Planet. Today Maddison taught me some things about Miami. She said "Mom, did you know that in Miami when the Crocodiles leave the swamps they invade the neighborhoods? Then the biologists and animal rescuers have to relocate them back to their own habitat so they survive and so that they don't eat people and other animals or pets. If they cannot relocate them, they have to be euthanized." These were her exact words. I just thought this was so funny and she used some impressive words. Very smart girl my Maddison is!

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Lynnea said...

Isn't it so adorable when they use such big words at that age! Impressive indeed!!:-)