Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This is the sound I hear coming from my cell phone every few minutes while I am at work. I try to mask the sound by putting my cell phone in my drawer. I can't risk just putting the phone on vibrate, what if Hannah or Maddison needs me right away? BEEP, BEEP is the sound of an incoming text message from Hannah. She needs to check in with Maddison's post breakfast number. Then, Maddison feels low and isn't. She is freaking out about that. Today the girls are spending the day with my mom. My mom doesn't know anything about counting carbs, Maddison's pump or blood sugar levels. She knows the basics, and yes, she was married to my Diabetic father since he was diagnosed in the 1980's. Yet, we haven't educated her with all the complexities of the pump. Hannah and Maddison do all that. Hannah sends me a text if she has any questions. Today, she has alot. Today it is stressing me out since I have just returned to work after missing 3 days for Harlee. I can't concentrate even without the continual BEEP BEEP of an incoming Diabetes question.

So, my mom took the kids bowling. They love to suck her into that! While I am so happy they get to spend some time with my mom, the thought of me having to guesstimate carbs by phone for bowling alley food is really irritating me. I hate Diabetes today. Maddison re-checked her "low", and once again says her meter is lying. She is sure she is low. She isn't. Her meter just read 213. Hannah texts me to say what Maddison is going to eat, she is starving and cannot wait for a pre-bolus. 50c are bolused for pizza and of course Maddison decides she is full after 1/4 of what she said she would eat. Fabulous. Now my mom is freaking out. Hannah is freaking out, and I am guessing that Maddison has a plan to suck my mom into emergency ice cream or candy to balance the carbs. I know better than that. Hannah does too. My mom, she has no idea of Maddison's manipulative ways with Diabetes. So I sit here so pissed off that Maddison is playing this game. And there is nothing I can do a phone call or text message away. Maddison is really going to hear it from me when I get home.

BEEP, BEEP....Hannah says she got her to eat some french fries. Fabulous. Add that nutrition to already too high blood sugar and see how high she goes now, and for how long. I text her back asking about how much she thinks she ate, her response? About three hand fulls. Oh great, even better. Hmmm, that could be 10c or 60c!!! Thin fries or steak fries? She says they were in between. My blood boils. BEEP, BEEP.....Hannah now says she is 360. She wants to know if she should correct it. I love my Hannah for taking on this responsibility for Maddison. She has a habit of having Maddison test herself too much because she is worried about a low. I hate Diabetes today.

Maddison started with some wacky numbers two days ago...Xmas vacation you know! She spent alot of time yesterday complaining that her meter is lying. She again feels low if she is over 200. I have exhausted all efforts in trying to reassure her the meter isn't broken. She wanted to trade meters with me, so we did. Now my A1c just jumped to her child range, LOL. She thought that was funny....but I just wished her new meter numbers really were her numbers. BEEP, BEEP....what did parents ever do before cell phones anyway? I have no idea what text messages are to come. I have no idea what to expect when I pick up the kids tonight after work. I hate Diabetes today, I really just needed a stress free day of work so I could focus on something other than Harlee, Christmas, Diabetes and our eternal debt.

There is good news which I really needed right now. Maddison's lab work for following up on her delayed bone age came back PERFECT. No growth hormone issues, no Celiac disease, no suspicions. She is just a "late bloomer" per say. That is something to be thankful for, that's for sure. Now lets hope I don't hear anymore BEEP, BEEP's coming from my desk drawer. No news is good news.


Jill said...

Awwww :( I hope once the holidays are over you'll be able to take some time for yourself and relax. Seems like when it rains...it pours!

I can only imagine how frustrating it is to try and care of Maddison by phone. I still haven't let anyone else care for Kacey yet and I know I should but Im just too scared to.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Can't imagine trying to manage all of it from work over the phone. Hard stuff.

Glad to hear that the lab report was good!

Lynnea said...

Ah...over the phone management..fun!!

Relieved that all is well with the lab work!