Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend pattern/weird conversation

The last few weekends I have been tortured trying to figure out a weekend or non-school day "Pattern" for Maddison's pump. Last school year Maddison had a weekend pattern that was easily figured out, not so this school year! Maddison does stay up TOO late on the weekends. I guess if we had no life and were in bed at the same time every weekend night her pattern would be easier to predict and manage. Ah, probably not. I think we need to bring back family movie night on Saturday nights, with a predictable bed time!

So is it sitting at a desk all day that has Maddison requiring 200% more morning insulin when at school? Is it stress? Different sleeping and waking times? What the heck is it? I am a person that likes straight answers. I like to know exactly WHY everything happens. I know, we have the wrong disease if I expect a straight answer. You would think I have learned this by now! So, I started slowly with the pattern a few weeks ago when we finally defeated the school day highs. I decreased just a tad her morning rates, because of course I didn't want her to be high. YIKES, wholy lows all day! (her school pattern is 200% higher for 7 hours compared to weekends!!) Even Maddison's ratio seems lower on weekends, its about to drive me bonkers. We check more often lately on weekends of course, trying to get it set right. So, the good thing is we catch her before she goes low and give a snack. I know Maddison is alot more active on the weekends of course, but WOW. A crazy weekend pattern is emerging, very- s-l-o-w-l-y. I think for next weekend I may have it right! Oh yea....the irritating part? Christmas vacation starts Friday! No such luck for testing next weekends new pattern! Non-school days start FRIDAY! For two weeks! Geez. Maybe I need to have Maddison do some basal testing when Christmas vacation starts. What a pain.

Maddison is so excited for vacation, but I'm already stressing about it. And, um...who is going to care for my kids while I'm at work with my new full time schedule? True, Hannah is 12. I expect her to help out with Maddison some days. But ALL day? Breakfast, lunch, snacks....until I get home from work 9 hours later? Not fair to Hannah, and not a good situation when kids get bored. I want them to enjoy their vacation and spend time with their friends, not stay locked up in the house because I'm not home. Looks like this might be the year they really need to step up to more responsibility. How much is too much? I think the Diabetes responsibility is too much. Too much for Hannah, if it were her disease that would be different. And, I wish I could spend vacation with my girls as I always have years past. I don't want to have to call them all day to check on blood sugars, I would prefer to manage them myself. I hate to think that fluctuating blood sugar management falls back on a 12 and 8 year old. I dont even have non school days figured out yet! I can already hear my cell phone ringing . Many, too many times a day. I've been spoiled by being home with my kids during vacations. I wish Diabetes didn't make vacations even more complicated and worrisome. I thought I loved weekends and days off.....I think I'm starting to not like them so much.

So, sitting here on my lunch hour at work I'm just blogging away when I suddenly got blindsided by the weird old lady that always likes to talk about her hypoglycemia. I don't know who is more or her? She was going on and on about her fasting blood work tomorrow morning at 10am. She is totally stressed that she will go low and pass out having to wait that long to eat. Understandable. But she doesn't even have a meter and has never used one ????? Ummm....why not? What has me confused though is that she said her PCP is having her fast to see if she is Diabetic. Ok, I get that, somewhat. Obviously if she is Diabetic you would see that anyway without fasting. So, I guess I am confused. She said her doctor believes her Hypoglycemia means she is Diabetic. What? She keeps telling me she needs protein first thing in the morning. Yes, I get that. She knows to use protein for maintaining her blood sugar and avoiding a drop. But, if her PCP is watching her for impending Diabetes her blood sugar shouldn't "drop" causing her to pass out as she fears. I think she is very confused between Diabetic and hypoglycemic, she keeps telling me she doesn't want to have to take shots. But, she is worried about her Hypoglycemia most. (???) I mentioned some things to her and she looked at me like I was crazy. Then, she had some even more bizzarre responses and I looked at her like SHE was crazy. It was actually quite funny.

Before Diabetes I was confused between Hypo/Hyper too. I never even knew there was a Type 2 Diabetes and I didn't realize that children could "get" Diabetes because my father was an adult when diagnosed. I guess before Diabetes it is entirely confusing. I always had "low" blood sugar feelings being sweaty, pale, faint etc ever since I was a child, so I had to eat often. I realized many years ago that my blood sugar dropped after sweet foods or huge carb loads. When I was older and I was employed in ER's, doctor's offices and clinics I would test my blood sugar when I felt low. I would always be in the low 80' does that mean I was used to being higher? Like too high? Anyone can be hypoglycemic if the circumstances of fasting, lack of food and extreme excersize are combined just the right way. So what the heck? Why make a hypoglycemic person fast if you already know they are hypoglycemic? And why doesn't she have a meter? What if she was hitting the 40's? No one would ever know the severity of her Hypo's unless she was testing. I don't get it. So, she was telling me she will bring a PB&J sandwich to eat immediately after her blood work. All I could think to say was YOU BETTER BRING JUICE! And she looked at me like I was crazy. -Sigh- What a weird conversation.

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