Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm glad its over

Christmas. I'm so relieved it's over. We had many families to visit Christmas morning. Normally we do all holidays here at our house, so the running around was exhausting to say the least. We made some great memories as always and enjoyed being with each family although each visit was cut too short.

My girls couldn't wait to get home to enjoy their new gifts. I guess they are just getting to old to enjoy dress up and pretend with their little cousins. We spent Christmas night with Hannah entertaining us, rocking out to her new Rock Band for the Wii. She is pretty darn good with singing, guitar or the drums. She's the kind of girl that is good at everything she tries. Lucky girl! Maddison made pottery from her new pottery wheel and whizzed through trying out all her new toys. She got some awesome gifts perfect for a bird lover, and book that has over 250 bird sounds from around the world. As I tucked her in bed that night she said she really only wants Harlee back. I couldn't agree more.

All in all we had a great family filled day on Christmas and Christmas Eve. Did I mention how happy I am that its over? The stress of Christmas really pushed me over the edge this year. I still haven't recovered as of today, and I am stuck in hatred of what Christmas has become. I'm tired with crazy ping ponging blood sugars thanks to my poor food choices, stress and too much wine over the past few weeks. I guess I did it to myself though didn't I? Maddison is all over the place too, weird sleep times and too much cereal I think. Last night as a family we went to dinner and a movie, her pump screamed out errors the entire time. Weird. I just changed the battery the other day....don't buy the cheap $1 bin batteries. Cheap IS cheap, especially when Diabetes is concerned! I ended up giving Maddison my pump to get her through the movie. She came home at 300 and I chased numbers all night. I went to bed at 104 and woke up at 170!!! AHHHHHH!!!! I will be so happy to get back into schedule. Back to the healthier, scheduled life! I have some serious New Year resolutions to focus on. Good bye naughty Christmas cookies. Good Bye 2008....I can't wait for the new year.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

It is a crazy time for all of us. Our routines get all goofed up.

You talked about bringing the ping ponging BG's on yourself, which I can see, but on the other hand - don't we deserve to enjoy ourselves a bit too?

The trick is figuring out how to do that and still pull of decent BG's. I certainly didn't figure it out this year!