Tuesday, December 9, 2008

One simple email

This morning as I hit snooze for the 5th time, all I could think about was hiding another few short minutes. Pretty typical for me, I don't bounce out of bed in the mornings anxious to start my day. Does anyone actually do that? I was pretty bummed about life in general driving to work and listening to the morning news doesn't help. I think I need to switch to some feel good music on the long drive. Yes, I was tired, worried, and stressed out from the get-go this morning. I haven't mentioned this yet (because I am too devastated to even think seriously about what this means) but Josh's last day of work was 8 days ago. After giving a two week notice to his then employer, they just let him go right there on the spot. They took him off the schedule. As in, no pay....no employment, no incoming paycheck. Unemployment.....the $240 a week he will soon be entitled to won't touch the kind of monthly expenses we carry. I'm shocked and overwhelmed to say the least. Josh's new job won't start until next week. That's over 10 days without pay!

Surprisingly, one simple email changed my outlook today. It was titled "Maddie today" as the school nurse often reports. Most days when I get these emails the nurse is informing me of something bizarre with blood sugars, asking a question, or letting me know of Maddison's bad attitude toward her meter for the day. But not today. Today she reported Maddison's GOOD blood sugars. The school nurse knows I worry endlessly about Maddison's numbers and she knows I keep my email open at work anxiously waiting to see if anything comes up. Yesterday morning as I waited out Maddison's lows in her office she could sense my desperation and exhaustion in chasing Maddison's recent morning highs. So today the school nurse must have known her one little update would perhaps brighten my day. Her one simple email changed my bad attitude instantly...

Up pops the "Maddie update"
122 at 9am
132 at noon

Thank you Jesus! Maybe all the basal tweaking is going to finally be right. Today it was anyway, on a day I needed some good news the most. Funny how this good news "Maddie update" turned around my whole outlook for the day. My thoughts of uncertainties turned to thoughts of knowing somehow, we will be okay. We always are. We will make it through this hardship. I began to feel optimistic instead of doomed to drown in financial despair. The world has seemingly been a cold and scary place more so lately, the news gets scarier every day. Recession...political wars...healthcare...social downfalls. I sat at my desk reminding myself that fortunately I'm able to increase my work hours to full time, just like that. Sometimes there isn't extra work available for me to put in extra hours if needed, but right now there is plenty of work available. I have been working 40 hours instead of my regular 25 hours a week, that in itself will help us financially while Josh isn't working. I'm thankful for that. I've never been the breadwinner of our household, but I'm trying my best.

One simple email erased all my worries, just like that, even if only for today. I breathed a sigh of relief in knowing at least something today worked out right.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Very nice!

Everything will work out for you just fine. It always does, somehow, someway.