Monday, December 15, 2008

Bone age

Maddison's Endo just called with results from the wrist xray she had done last week to determine an approximate bone age. Maddison is now age 8 years and 4 months but her bone age is only around 5 years 9 months! YIKES! Once bone age falls behind the two year mark there are some things we need to rule out. Ultimately, it appears Diabetes has stunted her growth. Or, perhaps she is just a "late bloomer," per the Endo. Considering she was diagnosed at age 6 with an A1c if just 8.5% I don't really know what to think. Since being diagnosed her A1c has been between 6.2 and 7.8.....I wouldn't think "controlled" Diabetes would stunt a childs growth THAT much, but then again....Diabetes is a disease that manifests every single part of our bodies. So now we need to do more lab work to rule out another underlying issue. Included in her lab slip for today will be the IGF-1, thyroid panel and Celiac panel.I'm praying we dont find anything and the Diabetes is to blame.

During Maddison's last appointment in November I told her Endo I was concerned with her growth rate. I requested an xray for bone age as a mom from our support group suggested. I of course, was thinking Celiac disease. Coincidentally they "forgot" to add a celiac screening to her labs the month before her Endo visit for this years lab work. I didn't really worry about missing the celiac screening this year since last years was negative, but that was BEFORE I knew totally negative labs could turn positive so quickly as in the case of another little girl in our support group. So, I called Maddison's Endo last week to get a script for the Celiac panel which is now needed anyway since her bone growth is a new concern. I must say, Maddison has always been under the 3rd percentile for height and weight in her age group. Being consistent in this range indicates that is just normal growth for her. Or at least that was my understanding. I've ALWAYS, ALWAYS questioned her Pediatrician about her small stature since she was born, I wish I just followed my inner concerns sooner, as always.

When Maddison was about 3 months old she had recurrent thrush in her mouth from breast feeding. It was a vicious infection that we shared between the breast and mouth. Her Pediatrician did some labs at that time to see if she had any autoimmune disorders because I mentioned she doesn't feed well and I felt she wasn't gaining weight appropriately. I had a breast biopsy done the year prior and the Pediatrician assured me that perhaps I wasn't making enough milk because it is common for the milk ducts to be removed or scarred, so I should consider bottle feeding! NO WAY! So, I rented an infant scale and weighed Maddison before and after feedings. By this time she was about 5 months old and was only getting about 3 ounces most from each feeding! I decided to stop breast feeding for her best interest and she began to gain weight rapidly.

Maddison was a chubby baby, though very tiny. She loved all the healthiest baby foods and would always get in at least one great meal a day. When she approached the age of two that all changed. She briefly fell off the "charts" but her growth pattern soon stabilized with her being around the 3rd percentile for years. By age four it was obvious to me that Maddison's growth was a concern, but she also was a picky eater and preferred milk to food. I questioned her Pediatrician. They assured me since I am a petite person, this was probably Maddison too, so I let it go. It was just months later that I was diagnosed with Diabetes and my symptoms made me read more about Diabetes in children. Maddison fit every single symptom. Of course you all know my stories of how long I was in denial. And, we all know that our children "appeared" happy and feeling well for the most part for a long time until their little pancreas gave its last effort. Maddison wasn't diagnosed until two years after all the symptoms started.

This all makes me wonder if I could have helped her growth rate had I been more persistent from the beginning. I'm really afraid to think there is another underlying issue. I'm hoping and praying for the best and trying to defeat the feelings of guilt and fear at the same time. One silly xray that I requested has opened up a whole new concern. Wish us luck for an easy blood draw today!

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