Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Foot Talk!!??

The strangest thing. Today the school Nurse gave me a permission slip that needs to be signed for Maddison to attend the "Diabetes Field Trip" of the year. First, let me say that I think its FABULOUS that our school district applies funds towards helping our "D" kids get out and meet others within our schools that are dealing with Diabetes just like them. In years past, all the "D" kids in our district would gather (3x's/yr) at one of the schools for a little "support" meeting. The kids would do activities related to Diabetes, listen to guest speakers from the ADA and such, and find fun stuff to do as a group. At the end of the school year the kids would go somewhere such as the Zoo and just have FUN. No Diabetes talk involved. Then enters budget cuts. Totally understandable. So, this year we get just this one support group "field trip." Maddison's excited just because she gets a few hours away from class.....but guess what the guest speaker will be talking about!!??


The guest speaker is a Podiatrist who specializes in Diabetic foot care! Is it just me, or is this RIDICULOUS? Seriously. Diabetic foot care for a bunch of kids ages
6-13? Really? WHY WHY WHY would anyone want to present this topic to our kids? I'm sorry, but I dont think our kids need to hear talk about Diabetic foot care. Maybe when they are young adults. Maybe if by HORRIBLE chance they are faced with Neuropathy. MAYBE. But WHY now? It isnt necessary. Its totally absurd!! These kids dont need to be lectured about their feet on top of everything else they are expected to do day in and day out!

So, I decided to ask Maddison what she thinks about this years upcoming "field trip." She told me she is going to tell the Podiatrist that she already knows all about "Diabetes feet" because of "Grandpa's Charcots Foot." -Sigh- That breaks my heart, for many reasons. Unfortunately, my Dad had every Diabetic complication by the time Maddison was a few years old, and because NEITHER Maddison nor I had Diabetes yet, I was always TOTALLY open and honest about what Grandpa was going through. I talked alot about how horrid Diabetes was back then. I had no idea what was ahead for us both....So much for trying to lessen the worry of complications! Anyway, Maddison and I talked for quite awhile until she started to giggle uncontrollably. Seems Maddison likes to tease me about my own Endo's Diabetic feet rules......she knows how bonkers I get when my Endo lectures about foot care......Need I remind you?


I think I can already hear Maddison giggling and poking fun on the field trip!! (Bad mom!) (He he) I was sure to let Maddison know that foot care IS very important for some people with Diabetes, and she is NOT to poke fun when she hears these same Diabetic foot care rules repeated on the field trip....Hmmmm......I hope she doesnt tell any stories while she's how I mock my Endo for nagging at me about my feet even though I've only had Diabetes for 4yrs! Oh man.....I really hope Maddison isnt in a crazy mood that day. They might get an ear full if she is!

I know Diabetic foot care is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for those who need it. I would think it applies to those who already have even a tad bit of Neuropathy or those that have had Diabetes for MANY MANY years, or people with high A1'c....those with poor circulation......NOT ME at this point, and certainly not OUR KIDS!! I think this is just the WEIRDEST and most INAPPROPRIATE guest speaker they could have found. Lets hope when the field trip day comes and goes (Tuesday) I dont have anything to blog about!


Laura said...

I agree 100%! That is ridiculous!
Why scare them? They told us all of those 'rules' when we were in the hospital but our endo said not to worry about them at this stage. I mean really - - - my kids run around bare foot ALL SUMMER LONG.

I'd be with Madisson - I might giggle a little bit. Ya gotta keep it light or we might all lose our minds. Wait - has anyone seen my mind?? I think I lost it!

Meri said...

That is insane. Really insane.

All I can say, is that is really cool your district did/does that! It is a brilliant idea!

connie said...

I agree with you completely on this one Kelly, I would definately think they would choose a topic more age appropriate for these kids. I hope that despite the foot talk, the kids have a GREAT time!!! How fun for these kids to have a chance to get together within the school district, I love it :)

Karen said...

Wowwwwww. I can't believe they're having a podiatrist talk to KIDS!!
I hear the same rules from my podiatrist too....especially the flip flop one, but I LOVE flip flops.
I can't wait to hear about how this field trip goes!

It's also great that they have D get-togethers like this! I don't think we had this in my district and I really wish they did! That's such a great idea!

Wendy said...

Wow. Interesting...I'm sure it will be a captivating presentation for children to enjoy...???...

Funny, because Addy has been in the same school system for 3 years and we've NEVER heard of these field trips, let alone get an invitation...maybe it starts at 1st grade?

Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

I can't believe that with all of the D-related topics about which they could talk, especially considering this is the one and only field trip this year, that is what they chose! Could they not have thought of something better??? Is the podiatrist the father of a student? Or the spouse of someone who works for the school district? Sounds as if the field trip coordinator is NOT the parent of a CWD.

However, I agree that it's fabulous that the district organizes these field trips. Our district does nothing like that. Jack is totally the odd man out at school.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Yeah, it does seem weird to do the "foot talk" to kiddos their age.

It is really neat that they organize these things though!

I was recently talking about how nobody ever really taught me how to properly care for my toenails and stuff, and there were a lot of great comments (with lots of mixed messages - meaning it's confusing for many!). That being said - she's still way too young to be worried about foot stuff, at least in my opinion.