Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blurry Eyes

Since Sunday Maddison has been complaining about blurry eyes. Last year we went through this same spell, the same time of year. I assumed it was the new swim season. Gotta love all the chlorine we pour into our pools! And then the worry set in. As a parent of a T1 child, you always think something TERRIBLE when a new ailment arises. You always think Diabetes is to blame. I was sure Maddison was having blurry vision from high blood sugars that her meter wasn't showing me. I was sure I SUCKED as her pancreas, even though her A1c showed I was doing a fine job. My rational side said there was no way Maddison could have eye problems from her Diabetes after just 3 years with good control. My paranoid and irrational side said I was all to blame. I hate Diabetes! I'm SO tired of feeling guilty!

So, last year Maddison's eye exam showed some minor near sided issues, but nothing that would require glasses. So, over time Maddison stopped complaining about her vision. Now we are right back to where we were last year at this time. Blurry eyes when she needs to read. I betcha now she does need glasses. -Sigh- At least I hope thats what it is! Maddison hasnt been running high much, although when she complained to the school nurse today about her vision her BS was 267. (Good job forgetting to bolus the milk Mom!) So, here I sit feeling like I'm ruining my childs eyes. I'm wondering if she only has this vision issue when she's running high. So, today we go get an eye exam.

Eye exam...no biggie right? Well, I KNOW what the doctor is going to ask...he's gonna ask what Maddison's A1c's are like. I will proceed to tell him her last one was 6.9 (which I still believe was WAY lower than it really was) and she hasn't been over 7.8 since diagnosis. Then he will respond with something like "Oh, thats a little high" and I will want to grab him by the neck and SCREAM all sorts of Diabetes truths at him. :) True story. Happens every time! LOL So, I'm hoping our appointment is scheduled at a time that I'm feeling like the nice young woman that I am. :) Catch me on a bad day, and he won't be so lucky!


Lora said...

Smack him for me will ya?

Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

I hate how diabetes affects us parents! Jack's had two recent episodes of tingling feet and I go to the same place you go. Sigh...

I hope Maddison's vision problems can be solved with glasses and it's nothing related to diabetes!

You'll have to let us know whether the doctor makes some stupid comment again. Sure hope not!

laser eye correction said...

The blurry eye appearance according to the wearer's blood-sugar level could one day help people with diabetes keep track of their levels non-invasively, new research suggests.