Thursday, April 8, 2010

17 days

I've lost count, but I do believe my CGM sensor made it to 17 days before it went whacky! I've been thrilled with the accuracy, for the most part. Not sure if I'm going to insert another one tomorrow....I must say, it gets a bit annoying when I realize I glance down at my number every two minutes. Thats a few too many numbers for me!

The CGM has helped me to cath MANY MANY lows, thanks to the down arrows. I also learned that my BS now turns around more quickly, unlike before SPIKEY SPIKEY numbers entered my life. It used to be that I was s-l-o-w to come up from lows, but with the CGM on, I've been able to see how quickly lows turn in the other direction with very little carbs. (like 6-8 compared to the old days of 15-20)

Would I wear this CGM every day for life? Probably not. Why? I dont know.....I think I feel too robotic with yet another device attached. Yes, the Minilink is by far the smallest sensor site out there, but still.....I like not having Diabetes visable. Another site = something else for ME to see, and another site I dont want others to see.

17 days is pretty darn good. I'm very pleased. I've learned alot. I see that 10minutes into my cardio routine my BS heads south. I've learned to down some Gatorade at that time BEFORE I get too low. That information itself is priceless. I've learned that I spike 40 minutes after my morning coffee. Therefore, I know to pre-bolus by AT LEAST 20 minutes. I'd like to say that I always do, it surely keeps me feeling better when I avoid that spike....but hey, I'm human. Once my eyes open each morning COFFEE is all I can think! Sometimes I dont want to wait 20 minutes! I've also learned that 8hrs after my morning workout is when I REALLY start to go low no matter what I do. ZIP, ZAP....I made the needed basal changes just like that. And overnight? Two nights of surfing back through the CGM 24hr screen showed me EXACTLY where I need more insulin at night. DONE!!! And the Dawn Phenomenon? DONE! TAKEN CARE OF. Flat lines my friends! FLAT LINES! Ok, I LOVE YOU CGM!!!


Wendy said...

Wow. SEVENTEEN DAYS!!!!!!!!! That's flipping amazing!

I love hearing good stuff about CGM...I need that :)

Meri said...

I love our cgm too Kelly! But when it comes is a small battle to get it back on. He always wants a little break. Who can blame him??? But as a mom, I LOVE that information, and i miss it. :(

17 days!! You are an inspiration!

Donna said...

Oh Kelly!!! Thank you for this post... we are having the mini med CGM put on Jacob this afternoon and I am getting increasingly more and more nervous about it. I know he is 3 and you are an adult so that makes a big difference, but just HEARING someone else have good success with it helps me. =)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Amazing what all that information can do for you, isn't it? Doesn't it feel like you're flying blind when you don't have it?