Monday, April 5, 2010

After the drama

With last weeks SPIKEY SPIKEY drama behind me, I can now say that I'm not feeling so freaked out anymore with my whacked out numbers. I was feeling a bit dramatic during those moments of blood sugar craziness! It seems every time I'm put in a position where Diabetes takes back the control, I lose it a little. Really. I freak myself out imagining that I will never get back to a "stable" ground. I'm used to being the one in control. Really.

Flat lines are back for the most part. Longer pre-boluses and some changed basal rates have helped ALOT. I'm on day 13 of this same CGM sensor, and its really working some magic as far as showing me trends. LOVING IT. Of course with every high spell comes the low spells until you get back to balanced. I chased lows all day on Saturday and for literally 6 straight hours yesterday on Easter. Better lows than highs for me! This sensor is very accurate when following lows, not so much for highs. The lower I am, the more accurate the sensor reads, and its opposite for highs. The higher I am, the less accurate it reads. Weird. Oh well. Good bye to the high drama for now!


Hallie said...

Yay to flat, steady lines! Send em this way!!

Donna said...

Glad things are better!! =)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Highs and lows, for sure, they come together. Glad that you've found some steadiness.

I use the Navigator CGM (not sure what one you're using), and it is the same for me - more accurate when low, less accurate when high.