Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Patterns and AIMS

Today blood sugar "patterns" are driving me BONKERS. On the weekends Maddison's numbers are typically GREAT, especially during the day. Highs are a rarity on weekends, unless something weird goes on overnight because Maddison was up later at night and/or eating crazy things. Explaining Maddies highs and lows on the weekends is simple. Its either the food or the activity level. Basal rates issues seem to be non-existent on the weekends. Weird.

The school week? Ummmmmm. PURE HELL. PURE TORTURE!! I can't tell WHAT is what!! I'm seeing that as the school week progresses, Maddison's numbers get screwy. Mondays are usually good, or low. Tuesdays are good. By Wednesday the shit starts to hit the fan, if it doesn't, then you can bet Maddisons numbers will be good the rest of the week. ITS WEIRD!! So, if by Wednesday Maddisons numbers start to go bonkers then I have to decide....wait to make changes or change before Thursday gets crazy? How the heck am I supposed to know what to do for tomorrow if tomorrow is always different!!?? Oh, and wait....Fridays Maddison typically runs MUCH lower!! Then, Saturday and Sunday come back around and she's fine again. -Sigh- I think I need a pattern in the pump for Mondays. Wednesdays. Fridays. Growth patterns. Activity many patters can a pump hold!!??

Seriously. Today was the first day of AIMS. Its Wednesday!! Maddison was 226, 282, 334 and 218!!! ACK!!! The beginning of the week was GREAT!!Guess why the 334 mid-day? Because the kids had a snack for testing!! Maddison's pump ratio from 6am-9am is 1:13....but AFTER 9am Maddison's ratio is 1:22....Soooooooo being that Maddison ate a snack in the breakfast hours, her ratio was given at the lunch hour dose because she ate after 9am!!!! Only I would know this, because I **am** her pancreas. Had I known they would have a snack at 9am I would have given the nurse a written order to change her ratio. Its SO IRRITATING. For tomorrows AIMS snack the nurse WILL over ride the pump and give the increased insulin as needed for that time frame. Good catch MOM. :)

That snack that provided much needed nutrition and mind power for all the OTHER kids, actually SCREWED MY KID UP!!! How can you test well for AIMS when your BS is over 300!!?? I'm SO ticked. Why does Diabetes have to be so damn particular?

My numbers have decided to go whacky once again too. Last week I decreased my ratios, sensitivity, and basals. I was good for 3 days. Today is exactly the same as last week. Now I'm running high. Well, not high technically, but too high for me! (180's) I woke up one morning at 224! Thats 100pts higher than I usually do! I've corrected highs before going to bed, and have to correct several times in the night because I dont even budge. SO, apparently my body is deciding to go back to where I was. Now, I change everything back and hope for the best. Its exhausting. I'm still having a hard time admitting this is happening to ME. ME who used to be so easy to manage. I never had to change my pump settings for 2 years!! Now I'm all confused. Totally frustrating.

AIMS AIMS really stress me out. You make me feel pressured to find the right insulin doses NOW. But, I have to see a pattern first. Will tomorrow be the same for Maddison? Will she be too high? Or, will the snack ratio turn out ok and the rest of the day will be better? Only tomorrow will tell.


connie said...

Oh man, that sounds so frustrating! My girls aren't even in school yet and I find that some days are incredibly hard to "get it right" when it comes to managing their diabetes. I realize that VERY soon Miss E will be starting kindergarten and it will bring me a whole new set of challenges.

I know those high numbers can be so upsetting, especially when you try so hard to control them. I hope tomorrow is better :)

Meri said...

Our testing is next week and they provide snack too. (((BIG FAT SIGH!)) I hatet that. I don't want to guess carbs over the phone while my boys take this uber important test!

Scott K. Johnson said...

That sounds incredibly frustrating. Maye your numbers are wacky because you're stressed over her numbers? :-) Mine would be!