Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hiking and Trending

Josh and Maddison just set out for a morning hike. I'm taking the opportunity to stay home and clean this tornado of a house, plant a new garden and do some yard work...even though....I would rather go with them. I LOVE the outdoors. I LOVE a good morning hike. But, Maddison and her Dad need some time alone together...AND Maddison and I need the break from each other. (not to mention Dad needs the time to manage D himself)

I'm the main D care giver. I manage all doses. Record all logs. Count all carbs, correct all day and all hours of the night. Maddison doesnt have anyone other than the school nurse who knows her Diabetes. That just leaves me, so, I worry when she's away from me, even with her Dad. I KNOW she will be fine. I know he's totally aware of caring for Diabetes. He's fabulous. BUT, he doesnt know her trends for this week. This week isnt the same as last week, and isnt the same as next week.(unless by some fat change things decide to "stabilize" for awhile!) You can't always treat lows the same. You cant always treat highs the same. Its experience from the trends that are happening NOW that determined what I decide in the moment I see a low or high number. All this makes me realize Maddison needs to start paying attention to what she needs for TODAY. She needs to be able to help make decisions when she is away from me about treating a low or a high based on her trends. Trending is what its all about my friends!

Josh doesnt really have the hands on experience to know how activity like hiking, biking and swimming effects her blood sugars. Sure, he hears me tell him what Maddison's blood sugars are like this week....but, that doesnt really mean much when you aren't actually managing it. 12-15 blood sugar checks a day combined with adjusting doses, watching the IOB....that is the only way you learn about Diabetes and what it needs for today. This week Maddison is trending low and has had many snacks to avoid them. Add to that 5u of insulin on board from breakfast, a morning hike, a week of trending gotta be on top of it to avoid lows. I hate lows!

I set a temp basal on Maddison's pump and increased her ratio for today's hike. Thats the best we can do. I can't wait to hear all about their hike and see the pictures they take. Until then, I will stay busy and try not to wonder whats happening in that little body of Maddison's while she's skipping up the trail. Even when our D kids arent with us we still wonder what the day holds for blood sugars. Some day, I hope to not wonder anymore. Some day, I hope to the greatest depths of my soul that we find the CURE.


phonelady said...

Yes you are an awesome mother and maddison knows that and so does your hubby too . Im sure all will be fine .

connie said...

I too am the main D care giver, I think it's great that you let Maddison and her dad have some fun time together without you. That is something I need to do one of these days with my kids, I think that sometimes I need to let go of the control and have daddy take over once in awhile :)

I hope that they have a wonderful hike!!! And that you have a great day too :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

I hope that the hike went great, and there were no "D" interruptions.