Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spikey Spikey

I have never seen a day like today. For ME that is. I'm sure most kids like Maddison spike after eating, I however, have never done so. I've always confirmed I'm not a spiker, by MANY finger pokes in the early, mid and later days of my Diabetes. Then came the CGM last year...I thought the darn thing was broke! I could slap on that CGM and see nothing but flat lines all day. Totally cool, the proof was right there staring back at me on the CGM! Flat lines!! Today I'm wondering if I USED TO BE a lucky one!

In comes the last few weeks when I can FEEL my blood sugar spiking. My head gets that funny high sugar feel right after I eat. My eyes get a burn feeling. Dry and unfocused. These days I can't think straight after eating, and my brain is super slow to process what I'm hearing and doing. Time to check for spikes. Lots of finger pokes. Spike. Spike. Spike. Super Spiky. The last few days the CGM confirmed. I'm hitting the 200's every time I eat!!! Yesterday and today....280's. 310. OMG, what is happening? Does this mean my "easy" days of Diabetes are over? Do I actually have to figure MYSELF out now? I actually have to work to maintain my
A1c? -UGH- I dont like what the CGM is showing me! I'm spiking so fast that the CGM goes from a flat line, to two arrows up.....and THEN I check with a finger poke....I'm 60-115 points higher that the CGM can keep up with!

Hopefully there aren't too many Dads that read my blog.....PMS? Could be. I do have a different pattern set in my pump that I use for the PMS week. Yep. I am like most in that area! My basals increase the week before my period and then are normal thereafter. The weirdest thing? This week I'm back to 30 minutes of my treadmill followed by 30 minutes of circuit weights, and I have had to INCREASE my basals, and keep the same ratios!! Back in the day when I did this same workout every day
(4-5 days a week that is) I'd have to decrease my basal by 80% for 8 hours AND cut my ratios in HALF. So what the heck is going on?

Actually, I'm kinda freaked out. I'm a little panicked. I've never had problems with my blood sugars. I just bolus and it works. Maybe I'd change a basal rate or two. Tap a ratio up or down. But it always worked out without added stress or the need to put much thought into what I was doing. Something is definitely changing for me. Maybe its the lack of Lilly sleep? HOPEFULLY. OH how it would just SUCK for my Diabetes to decide to live up to the name. DIABETES. Diabetes, you SUCK.


phonelady said...

Yep Kelly when little auntie linda comes to visit the bgs go crazy .

Wendy said...

HUGS!!!! I hate that you had these awful spikes!!!!!