Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back to 300%

Yesterday (again) was Day 1 of the 300% basal pattern increase for Maddison. This is the same basal increase that she had back in April, I assumed we were experiencing a new onset dawn phenomenon, something we had never before encountered since D invaded our lives in 2006. That 300% increase disappeared once summer started. Just like that. Hmmm. WEIRD. Well, whatever it is causing the increase of insulin resistance...its back in the afternoon this time around. 300% increase yesterday left Maddison in the 240 range...better than the 300's she's been having. For today I budged the basal up a tad an hour earlier AND changed her ratio from 1:27 for lunch to far still 240's today! So much for aggressive changes! WEIRD! How does that happen? No improvement?

That's a big ratio jump for no improvement today! I'm guessing that's based on the fact that Dad was home today. Yep, french fries and chicken again for lunch!! That's a typical Dad lunch for ya!! They always seem to go somewhere dreadful for lunch when Dads home. No wonder the kids think Dad is so much more fun :) Tomorrow I'm not adjusting anything for Maddison's highs, just hoping a healthier lunch with MUCH less fat will prove to be in our favor. Fingers crossed!

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