Saturday, July 18, 2009

1-2-3 what do quail have to do with Diabetes?

After Friday mornings quail excitement, I realized that Maddison has suddenly started having "adrenaline" highs. Yep. Never had a problem before! Or, at least I never realized it. Maddison was in range all that night, until morning AFTER the quail rescue got her all excited. She went from 120 at her last check to 230. Not typical for a morning spike, possible of course.....but who knows. (she also hit a high after the hummingbird adventures, which I blamed on a rebound) I'm blaming the excitement from the quail, an adrenaline high. And guess what! I saw it again Friday NIGHT! BECAUSE.......

1 more baby quail chick! YES! Another baby quail for Maddison to rescue. Some neighbor boys were playing outside after dark and a tiny quail chick came following them! Of course they knew where to find Maddison :)In this picture even Roxxie our Golden was excited and had to see what was causing such a ruckus! Anyway, as we wondered around with flashlights in the bushes trying to find Mama quail, the boys came running up with ANOTHER baby quail!! #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!We were SURE that Mamma must be around, but after nearly an hour trying to find her, we called it a night and decided to take the babies to the rescue.
Baby Quail chicks are one of few baby birds that hatch and are up and running, ready to go. BUT, they must have parents to teach them to survive. ((they have to go to the bird rescue in order to have a chance at survival)) As we were walking inside the house.......a #3 baby quail came chasing after us!
SERIOUSLY!! If thats not an adrenaline rush for my Maddison the bird lover, I dont know what is. Maddison's prior BS check was 126.....AFTER the excitement, 338. Seriously. All these baby birds aren't gonna help our next a1c, but Maddison sure is happy! I think I'll start calling her the bird whisperer :)


Wendy said...

I have never met a bird magnet before...what an amazing gift that these helpless animals seem to know who can help them!

RipleyFamily said...

How exciting! (the bird part, not the highs :) )

Looks like she was really excited to find the birds. I love the picture of the 3 birds and the 3 hands.

Anonymous said...

Who wouldn't fall in love with these adorable babies? I did not know quails were so very tiny. Maybe you would like to adopt the three, LOL! I know Madison would!