Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tea for two

Yesterday Maddison and I had the day to spend alone together, as we do often now that Hannah's always having sleepovers with her best friend. Our house, her house....back and forth nearly every other day. Its nice to be able to spend so much time one on one with Maddison, but I sure miss my Hannah!! Maddison decided to take advantage of our time together. She planned a tea party for us all by herself!!

Maddison and I had spent the morning running errands which included a trip to Home Depot to buy chicken wire to cover the "Quail Sanctuary" we planned to build. After an hour moving some old bricks around from the side of the house (and sweating profusely in the 112 degree heat!) we proudly completely Maddison's Quail Sanctuary! I think I forgot to mention that we still have the 3 baby quail chicks from last Fridays 1-2-3 findings!!We have the go ahead from Mrs Jodi herself to be the foster parents for the chicks! She trusts Maddison's knowledge (and responsibility) to care for the chicks full time in our home! Look at this picture of them snuggled tight under Maddison's stuffed Quail!! Its been a fun few days with the chickies, they have survived the most important first few days!Funny how these babies sleep isn't it?

Then it was FINALLY time for tea! But first, Maddison has her eye on some old Bananas. She pulled out the cookbooks and we decided to make some banana bread to have with our tea party!! Then, staring at us on the next page was a recipe for Zucchini bread....did I mention Maddison's self grown garden has been profusely abundant with great big yummy Zucchini's? What a green thumb she has! I havent even had to remind her once to water her garden! Zucchini bread it is!

We had a wonderful tea party!!
Maddison went all out with a "party platter" of fruits and veggies too. She even tried them!
A HUGE deal if you know Maddison my picky eater!
What a great day spent with Maddison. Now I think I need a date with just my Hannah!

A big plus to our Tea party day was the fact that Maddison's blood sugars were perfectly in range since midnight, and perfect all day! Not one out of range number for an entire day :) I guess I estimated the carbs right too in the yummy breads we made! YAY! Of course, Diabetes must always remind it is there....Maddison hit 298 somewhere around 5am this morning. No idea why. Just because. The same time frame the day before was fine. Why that happens, I'll never know. It just does. Weird thing Diabetes is!


Jim Purdy said...

"Weird thing Diabetes is!"

Ye, it is. It sounds like your coping really well. Best wishes.

Wendy said...

MMMMMM...that bread looks fabulous!!!! I had no idea that Maddison is a gardner too :) What a super fantastic kiddo -- and mom too!!!!!

YEAH!!!! Congrats on being the quail mini-sanctuary :) That's so cool ... those babies sleep like mine do!

mom2wendy said...

Great combo Maddison....chef, gardener, and budding Vet. You ladies, M, M,& H are a great trio!

RipleyFamily said...

Seeing the pictures of your bread is making me hungry! :)

Glad you and Madison had a good time together.