Thursday, July 9, 2009

1st new set from Medtronic/$$$$$$$$$$$

I must say, Medtronic has done awesome (for us anyway) as far as this whole recall thing is concerned. Last night we had 2 boxes (1 mine, 1 Maddisons) of new Quicksets delivered straight from Medtonic to our door by 6pm via UPS. Wasn't yesterday the
1st day of the Lot 8 recall? I'm very impressed with their speedy service and the fact that the new pump supplies had the return postage for the old recalled sets.

So, today we were on our way to the post office to return two of recalled infusion sets and one DEAD insulin pump. That easy. Thank goodness SOMETHING today with Diabetes was easy! Thank you Medtronic for making it simple!

HOWEVER....interestingly enough....last night around 11pm (long volleyball night) I replaced Maddison's recalled infusion set with a NEW set....and guess what?!! She was low at Midnight (64) then again at 2am (59) Good from 3am-8am and then low again at 9am (69) when waking up!! After breakfast Maddison was 223 because I used the normal breakfast ratio instead of the cereal ratio I should have used.....then she dropped to 86 TWICE by dinner time. MAKES ME WONDER. They say just 2% of the recalled infusion sets were malfunctioning.......Hmmmmmmmmmm. Coincidence?

More Diabetes craziness today! I tried to stop in to our usual Pharmacy for our insulin RX. NOPE. They won't cover a 3 month supply, I have to go mail order. (We save $80 doing 3 months at a time) As in, shipping insulin state to state. Did you know it's supposed to be 115 degrees in Phoenix on Saturday? How can I not be concerned that our insulin may become too hot during its travels from the Pharmacy to AZ? Cold packs? HA! I doubt that's safe! Our RX for insulin alone is $320, then another $320 for test strips. OUCH. OUCH. OUCH!!!!! And they won't allow me to get insulin during the 115 degree summer months from a LOCAL pharmacy?

UGH. So, I call in the mail order insulin RX! I don't really have a choice now do I?? The CS rep I spoke with mentioned that we have $160 balance from our last test strips mailed. Yes....I told her I never got a bill for that RX and when I placed the order online, the online ordering never prompted for a payment. I asked the CS rep about their billing procedure.... She stated that they don't send a bill....after 6 months without payment you will get a notice from the collections department.....WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Has anyone else had this kind of response from billing with Caremark/CVS???? So, I had $160 to pay for past due test strips.....$160 for the current insulin RX for Maddison....$160 for my insulin RX....and $160 x's 2 for My next 3 months strips AND Maddison's next 3 months of testing strips. $800 later....I'm disgusted. Broke. Mostly disgusted. And, now I wait to see if the insulin we receive mail order will be use able. 115 degrees people!!

Not done yet...I come home with the last weeks mail in hand. I should have waited until tomorrow to rip into the pile of medical bills that has also accumulated. I find...

$40 balance due to the RADIOLOGIST for my Mammo last month.

$40 balance due to the Breast Surgeon Specialist for my pre-op consultation weeks ago

$40 balance due to the PATHOLOGIST to diagnose my breast masses???!!!

$120 balance due from my kids dental exams last week

$15 SENT TO COLLECTIONS for lab work for my last A1c drawn in April....I NEVER GOT A BILL!!!I paid $30 at the time of service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$20 balance due to MEDCO, our old mail order pharmacy!!???

$369 balance due to PHX Childrens Hospital because our new insurance CANNOT IDENTIFY PATIENT!!?? From Maddison's Endo visit on 4/23/2009!!???

$34.78 balance due from the A1c test that day because the insurance CANNOT IDENTIFY PATIENT!!??

$470 to the Physician that completed my needle biopsy in June

$3,355 to the facility that CANNOT IDENTIFY PATIENT for my Mammo/Biopsy

$90 copay for my Mammo

$171.82 past due to Medtronic for pump supplies

SERIOUSLY. Our medical bill pile now outweighs and surpasses our montlhy bills. Of course, many of these bills are already paid or can be resolved by calling to make sure the idiots on the other side get our new insurance straight. Thats not the point. Diabetes is expensive. Insurance companies are evil. This is all FRUSTRATING. I deal with medical bills and medical claims all day at work. This is the last thing I want to manage at the end of the day. I guess its a good thing that I know what I actually owe, and I know what was processed incorrectly. That doesn't change the stress it leaves me. It also doesn't change the fact that our new insurance SUCKS and is leaving us in financial despair. Just to stay alive. Maddison and I need insulin to stay alive. We NEED those Test strips to know where our blood sugar is......what ridiculous insurance we have. Did I mention this new insurance is costing us DOUBLE at Josh's new employer? For HALF the coverage?

Income hasn't been increasing. In fact, in the summer I work 50% less to be home with my girls, to be home and manage Diabetes. I'm out hundreds of dollars a month to keep my child healthy. Medical expenses have doubled. Gas prices are back up. The economy sucks and things aren't getting any better. Damn Diabetes. Why are you everywhere I turn? I know there are so many others out there in this same type of situation, its heartbreaking!!


Beth said...

I'm glad that you are getting your sets swapped out in good time; I hope it works out that way for everyone! There are a lot of people on the CWD email list who have the recalled lot numbers and it seems like everyone is running short on them....because we all NEED a little more stress in our lives.

I'm soooo sorry about all the medical billing crap, though, Kel. I wish I could wave a wand and make it all go away for all of us - I'm sitting here with paperwork from my insurance asking for prescriptions for the durable medical equipment we just bought...except they were infusion sets and CGM sensors. Honestly, we order every 3 months, and every 6 months I get this same dang letter...I don't understand why they can't seem to get it figured out.

You know if you need insulin to call, right? I have it here if you do end up getting Baked Insulin (which won't surprise me a bit). We are supposed to have to go to mail order, too, and I will only do it kicking and screaming and stomping my feet the whole way. You know, because I'm such a calm person...:)

Big hugs! I'd send big bucks if I had them, but big hugs coming your way, regardless.

Wendy said...

I'm here for you...and I just want to cry reading this.

I hate this disease. I hate that so much money gets dumped into staying ALIVE...

College education? No, I paid for medical expenses and diabetes supplies to keep her alive...

My heart is just breaking right now.

Scott K. Johnson said...

I hate fighting with insurance for stuff. Isn't dealing with diabetes enough of a pain in the ass?

Minnesota Nice said...

This is the first year that I had to deal wth a mailorder pharmacy (Exress Scripts) for my insulin and its been flippin' horror story. First shipment was left outside on the sidewalk in 20 below weather Yes it was frozen and they said I was responsible because I was not home for the FedEx delivery. Then I asked if it could be sent to a Fed Ex store and help for pickup. Sure, they said. But they sent via UPS and Fed Ex will not hold packages sent via UPS. So it went back to the shipping faciliy and I could not get a new shipment sent until it'd been booked back on the system. So I dished out nearly $200 bucks to tide me over and have not neen reimursed yet. Horrible horrible horrible. Same story with my oral medw. In the first shipment I got someody else's antipsychotic medication. I have also recived my own meds in the wrong strength