Friday, July 17, 2009

Blistered site

Anyone ever have the little blisters beside the injection site of pumps sets? OUCH. Maddison complained of this one on her upper bum for days. Not painful, just itchy. Diabetes made visible. Maddison's starting to have alot of battle wounds from pump sites. What used to be clear, flawless skin is now reddened with tiny dots and scars. This summer Maddison and I have been pumping for two years, yet I still hate seeing the marks that Diabetes leaves!

Summer in our house is still CRAZY. Still not on much of a schedule, but what matters most is the girls are entertaining themselves on off days when we dont have much planned. Maddison gets a reminder to turn the TV off after about an hour each day, and then she is happily on her way to play. All those pets are keeping her busy too! Most days you will find Maddison watering the garden, chasing lizards, "training" the Goldens, playing Vet, doing pet chores or just going through her closet looking for something new to do. Thats a big change from last summer when she complained of being bored so often! YAY! Summer has been a ton of fun this year, and the girls get along better than ever!

If you can find Hannah at home she is usually still spending too much time online. That would be a 12yr old girl. I guess all the time she spends playing Volleyball evens it all out. Hannah cleaned out her closet yesterday, WOW...what a mess that was. I guess Hannah is also finding things to do when she's bored. Like I said, what a change from last summer! Music, friends, going to the movies.....Hannah is nearing 13. YIKES. Hannah's been having sleepovers with a buddy from this years Volleyball team several times a week. Those two have become inseparable. Its nice to see the girls forming such a strong friendship! I was Hannah's age when I found certain friends who's relationships lasted years into adulthood. What a great thing for Hannah! Lately you can even find Hannah asking Maddison to play board games with her. Or, maybe you'll find them all crazy rolling around in my bed with the Goldens. Whatever it is the girls are finding to do this summer, you can bet they are impressing me more every day with their desire to stay busy! They really ARE just like me!

This afternoon we checked in with the hummingbird from Tuesday nights rescue. He/she survived the most critical 48 hours! YAY! The kids did great saving that hummingbird and Maddison is so proud! Speaking of Maddison, today she hasn't hit over 140 and lows are coming from every direction. Two lows today, but alot of numbers were caught that were soon to be lows. ICK. Highs, lows...same old story there! I'm guessing tomorrow will be interesting since we are back to the arm sites as of today for awhile. (That Bum needs a rest and some time to heal) I'm thinking arm sites work quite differently as far as absorption times with meals. As always, we shall see.

Diabetes for me is back to 90% in range numbers....scratch that.....I've had a low or two each day. I think thats partly due to the fact that I've been much more active and doing my housework and yard work, keeping the pool maintained as I should. Feeling better energy wise, which means I get more done in a day, which means my blood sugars are better too. Or is that Lot 8 again? Seems my numbers have gotten much better since starting on the replaced box of sets! Interesting. I'm actually considering going back on Lantus for awhile. For several reasons. #1 being the "shortage" of Quicksets for our pump since the whole Lot 8 Medtronic recall. I would FREAK if Maddison had to go back to Lantus because of a Quickset shortage. Not likely to happen, but hey....ya never know! I'd give that girl my pump sets for life if I had too! Lantus and Maddison don't mix! Reason #2....I cant stop eating. I'm not hungry all the time, but, I seem to have terrible food cravings and terrible eating habits lately. Maybe thats the lack of treadmill time I've been putting in? Why is it the more you eat the more you want to eat? The lazier you get the lazier you are? Being that my sensitivity to Lantus is TREMENDOUS (4 units a day) I wouldn't want to eat so much becuase, naturally, why would I want to take a shot of rapid insulin just to eat more? It seems all I do lately is bolus. Just because I can. Reach down, dial in the carbs and Ta-daaaa!! Its that easy to eat too much. I can see it. Right. There. On. My. Thighs. Maybe Lantus is what I need to kick me back into actually eating right? Too bad they don't have an injection for treadmill motivation!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Ouch! Those look like they are bothersome!

I hear you on the eating thing - so much of what I do is cravings and "mind hunger" rather than real, physical hunger.

Wendy said...

OOOOWWWWW!!!!!! Oh, my :( Is it doing any better????