Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thank you

After reading Kerri's blog today I feel much better. I always wonder if people actually live in such peace with their (childs) Diabetes, or if they feel that expressing the REAL emotions is a reflection of them that they don't want seen or heard by others in fear of being "judged" as a bitter or unhappy person. Some quotes from Kerri's blog today really made me feel like SOMEONE out there feels just like I do.

"Empowerment is being able to say that diabetes is hard and that it sucks sometimes, but still forging ahead and working towards better health." THANK YOU!!

"We can hate it, openly, and still remain positive." THANK YOU, thats my point in writing this blog! (though some days of course, I'm not feeling so positive!)We all know I'm open to saying F YOU DIABETES!! YOU MAKE ME CRAZY SOMETIMES!!!(ALOT OF TIMES!!)

"You can not like it and still do it. Hating it [diabetes] and doing it are not mutually exclusive states."



Wendy said...

CHEERS TO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

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