Friday, July 24, 2009

9 Little fishes and 3 Free Ducks

We have had a few overcast days in Az lately, making today a perfect morning to set out early in the nice "cooler" 100 degree weather before the clouds run away and the temperature hits 112 or so! Maddison had 3 ducks at the rescue to release today at a neighborhood pond, so we set out on the first adventure for the day, but much later than I had planned. That Maddison still likes to sleep until 9!! With just TWO WEEKS until school starts, I can already see how school mornings will be!

So first thing, ya gotta CATCH those ducks in their cages in order to set them free. Thats always interesting. A wild and messy chase, thats for sure! After arriving at the pond, those stinky ducks didn't want to leave the crate when we opened the door. Maddison had to coax them out one by one, then tried to convince me that we need to find a "farm" for them to live on! Silly Maddison.....she always wants a farm for all these ducks. She's convinced the Coyote's will eventually get 'em! I can't say they won't around here, thats for sure! Swim duckies, SWIM!

This afternoon Hannah and her volleyball partner wanted to go to "open gym" at a nearby Rec center that has a really nice fishing area. Perfect! The girls can play their 3hours of volleyball while Maddison I enjoy this overcast day fishing! In less than an hour, Maddison caught 9 little Blue Gills! She was sooo proud! That last little fishie really had the hook stuck way down in his tummy, so I had to cut him loose. He ended up dying....floating to the Maddison decided that was enough fishing for the day. Despite the poor dead fishie, Maddison assured me what a nice summer day we had!

In blood sugar land, Maddison is doing really well during the day, thanks to the fact that we cut out the unpredictable foods and eating out. A couple of lows mid-morning, but no more highs. I finally had to put my foot down with the hubby. NO FAST FOOD on your days home with the kids!!! Sheesh! I hate when my kids eat french fries all the time! Yesterday Maddison didnt have one out of range number. That doesn't happen often, so when it does, it just makes my day :) AMAZINGLY..... I even got the hours of swimming just right. Still more miraculous, the kids spent about an hour on the neighbors new trampoline RIGHT AFTER DINNER. We used to have a trampoline, and I secretly HATED that thing! It seemed every time Maddison would jump she would be low low low IMMEDIATELY, then she would rebound staying high for way too long. Nothing I did worked. I guess you REALLY use those leg muscles jumping! I had to give in on trampoline days and plan ahead of time to run her quite higher to avoid the lows! I was sooo happy when that trampoline started to fall apart in the summer sun! I'm terrible....I know!! Anyway, before yesterdays jumping I gave Maddison 20c of Gatorade. (uncovered) She was the same 130 after jumping as she was when she started! WOW. Amazing. I'm so grateful for even one "perfect" Diabetes day!

And then again....Maddison hit 310 somewhere around 2am this morning. Funny thing, the night before she hoovered between 88 and 130. Why the every other day spike after 1am? Was it the snack I let her have too late at 9pm? Was it all the days activity telling her muscles they need a burst of glucose from good ole' Mr Liver? -sigh- I can't complain, things have been so much better lately. ((knock on wood)) Next challenge.....our vacation in San Diego next week!! 2 days at the beach and 2 days at Legoland. Hmmmmm....can you say temp basal?

(Oh, by the way.....can we bring in a cooler of water and juice because of the Diabetes???)

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Wendy said...

VACATION??????? WOOHOO!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!

I love hearing about the bird rescue adventures ;) It's so cool!!!!

Hang in ROCK!

PS...Did you say 2 weeks until school???? Choke.