Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some days

Some days I just can't win. After swimming for 4 straight hours Monday night, Maddison was a nice 89 at bedtime. Too low though for sleeping, especially considering all the excersize. Temp basal and some juice....she was 127 at 1am. Thats when it all got a little crazy.

5am 289
8am 319 Check the site....the entire pump tubing is filled with an air line!!
10am 235
Noon 209
230pm 167
5pm 256
30 minute pre-bolus for dinner
730pm 48!!!!! 15c juice and 5 jelly beans for the .5 active
re-check the low
745pm 105 and STARVING. Cereal for a night time snack.
11pm and heading to bed.....370. Rebound? Ugh. Some days I just can't win. I'm sending Maddison to bed with a 1.1 unit correction. I wonder what I'll see for the
2am check? At this point I just HATE Diabetes today and can't wait to start over tomorrow!


Wendy said...


These days, I just want to hide under a big D blanket and scream. I don't even want to know what Addy's A1c is. I think I'll Dr. Dajani if we can skip it...AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

Beth said...

That 10-11PM high might have been an adrenaline high after the birdie rescue - I got a perfect picture of what one looks like on the Navigator last night. We got to the theatre for the midnight movie- Go Harry! - a little after 10 - on our way there, Meg was 140-ish. 15 minutes into the wait for the midnight movie, she was 230 and going STRAIGHT UP! Hit 300 before a monster bolus and 150% temp rate even STARTED to touch it, and it still took most of the movie (which was almost 3 hours) to get back down under 200. How do you plan ahead for excitement/fear/adrenaline? ACK!!!

We also just got back from Dr. D and DIDN'T HAVE an A1C draw! I realized it on the way home - she came in to see us while doing the OmniPod training (and while having Michael's gastro appointment at the same time) so we missed out! And you know, I'm not too worried about it...I'm a little afraid of knowing what it is at this point. AAAAAHHHHHH is for sure! It's time for the annual bloodwork, anyhow, so we'll get one soon...whether I want to or not....