Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The last week

Oh my goodness! I couldn't believe it when I realized THIS is the last week I technically have to prepare for back to school madness!! I was sitting at work with nothing to do (again) and realized I dont have time to sit around and do nothing!! I have to get to work on Maddison's Diabetes info for teachers! For the bus driver! For the special teachers.....AHHHHHH!!!!!!! No time to waste!

Our summer vacation always seems to fall the week before back to school, causing me to zoom around like a wild maniac trying to get everything done. We leave Friday early morning for San Diego....for 5 days!! ACK!! I would have been happy with 2-3 days away! Returning on Tuesday evening of next week leaves me in a serious rush! Not only do I need to get back to work for month end ASAP, but Josh works the following day which leaves me without child care! Maddison also has her 3 month Endo appt that day all the way downtown that we just cannot miss! I'm planning on working half a day after Maddison's appt. The following day I have to meet with Maddisons teacher and stock the school nurses office. Then its meetings to review the 2009 IEP. Meet the teacher night....all in one short week after returning from vacation. Dont we always need a vacation from a vacation?

Oh well, extra caffeine for me! Today I finished the "What is Type 1 Diabetes" info for all Maddison's new teachers. I completed the whole Hypo/Hyper information, a list of symptoms, explained how out of range numbers interfere with cognitive abilities, and covered all the million other things that us parents have to think about when sending our T1 kids back to school. WHAT A RELIEF! Initially when I sat down to get started I was totally overwhelmed. Where do you start? How do you fit years of Diabetes knowledge into a short note for the teachers? This last 2 weeks of vacation are going to be killer!

Tomorrow is my last day to get things done around here before leaving for "vacation" Friday. In the morning we are attending a JDRF breakfast with a new corporate sponsor. Great way to get up and out early! Then we will stop by the school to peek at the newly posted class lists and go school supply shopping! ACK! You should see the 8th grade list for Hannah! Ridiculous! Where did June and July go?


Wendy said...

Summer is over????

Say it isn't so!!!!!!

Meri said...

Oh my, you sound like me! We need to take deep breaths...alot of them! My husband worked nights and into the day for the first 14 years of our marriage. SOO not fun!

I'm glad I found you! I know what a relief it is to get a teacher you trust and are happy with. Congrats!!!