Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Birdy 9-1-1

Around 9pm tonight our neighbor came to inform Maddison that her birdy expertise was needed! QUICKLY!! A tiny Hummingbird was found injured and in need of emergency treatment. Everyone knows Maddison is the girl for the job! Thank goodness Mrs Jodi from the rescue had given Maddison an "Emergency Hummingbird Kit" last year at her birthday party!!(Mrs Jodi came to Maddison's party with many feathers friends for an educational show)Maddison had several neighbor buddies here at the time, OHHHHH how excited they were to actually get to be a part of a REAL birdy emergency! Did I ever mention Maddison plays "VET" or "Animal Cops/rescue" every single day? Oh exciting indeed! In an instant Josh whisked all the kids off to the rescue!!!

After swooping up the tiny bird, Josh drove Maddison and all her friends to Mrs Jodi's bird rescue down the street. We are so lucky she lives just a mile from our house! You can see how proud Maddison feels in this picture....she's syringe feeding the Hummingbird :)
Did you know that Hummingbirds must eat every 15-30 minutes when they are awake? Yep! Maddison will tell you all about it!

So, Josh arrived at Mrs Jodi's with 4 overly excited kids, eager to see Mrs Jodi in action. It seems the Hummingbird may have an injured wing...only time will tell. Good thing we still volunteer every day! We will keep a close eye on this little one for sure. How cool that Maddison got to participate in yet another real live bird rescue! It totally made her night!


Wendy said...

WAY TO GO MADDISON!!!! What a superhero :)

What an amazing kiddo...love her so much!!!!!!

RipleyFamily said...

How exciting for her! Looks like she might have to be a vet when she grows up. :)

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!! :-)

Proud Mom to: Zoe (Forever 5), Zurik (4) & Payge (1)

Zoe Ann Hinds said...

Madison is a very lucky girl to have gained such knowledge from someone who has the proper training. Many people, even most adults, who find an injured hummingbird don't know how to properly help the bird and can therefore do more harm then good.

Good luck Madison in whatever career path your adult life has in store for you. If you should indeed become a vet, the animals will be very lucky indeed!

As a hummingbird lover, I thank you for using your knowledge to help save the bird.

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