Thursday, July 16, 2009

No such luck

Last night the girls wanted to use their Cold Stone Creamery (gourmet ice cream shoppe)gift card from Valentines day that Auntie bought them. Did you hear me crying out loud all the way over in your part of town? Ice cream and Maddison just don't get along. I've learned to bolus an extra unit to keep down the spike. (with a 250 sensitivity per unit thats ALOT of extra insulin to just throw in there!)I usually play around with a temp basal increase which helps....but at some point Maddison is likely to go low within the first 4 hours then still hit a high 5-8 hours later. Upon arriving home from work Maddison was 58. Three hours prior she was 67. Its 112 degrees is Phx and my girl just wants some dang ice cream! I can figure this out!!! The plan was to get aggressive with that dual wave, square wave or temp basal!

No such luck. Maddison started enjoying her ice cream with a blood sugar of 108. I planned on doing a nice big pre-bolus, but how long can you pre-bolus at 108? I usually end up kicked in the BEHIND on that one too when I take the aggressive approach. Instead of throwing in the extra unit for the CRAZY ice cream (my 1st mistake) I decided I'd set a temp basal 150% for 4 hours. Thats taking Maddison from a .25 per hour to a .35 which is ALOT for her. I'm guessing 70c.

Damn Diabetes! Picture me trying to kick myself. :) Its been a l-o-n-g night! An hour after the devilish delight, Maddison was 233.... With 1.4 units active AND a temp basal. I just dont get how ice cream is so secretely evil!!

11pm 3hrs post prandial= 337
1am 5hrs post prandial=283
230am 6.5 hrs post prandial=209

Somehow I turned my alarm off for the next 2 hour check.....Yes, I'm kicking myself yet again on this little ice cream parade!! By 6:30 this morning Maddison is STILL 238, and THIS explains why I avoid ice cream at all costs. UGH! I think we will stick to the low fat Skinny Cows!! Some foods just need to be avoided, or needs a 250% basal increase I suppose! ACK!


RipleyFamily said...

Sorry to hear the ice cream treat did not go so well on the D end. We have not really had to try ice cream yet, Zane is still young enough to not know what he is missing. :)

Hopefully the rest of today went better and the spike went away.

Anonymous said...

Well, I still think you should experiment with the ice cream, but Cold Stone Creamery you aptly named "devilish delight." Carbs for that are so high, fat content so high, I think you did well, considering...... We don't have problems with regular icecream, Friendly's McDonald's vanilla cone, Carvel. Definitely no prebolus as digestion is slower, we use a 1 to 10 bolus for Carvel's cherry bonnet; otherwise her regular ICR of 1:13, dual wave bolus 60/40 over an hour and a half. You may find popsicles, lower fat frozen yogurt or some other alternatives that work well, on a hot day a girl must have icecream! You will figure it out. Coldstone, all bets are off.....