Sunday, January 25, 2009


Do we all have the Diabetes superstitions? It seems every time I mention "good" numbers it all goes crazy. Every time we say "it isn't that way for us" that very thing happens soon after. Someone asks how we are doing and I say "great!" and the following weeks are pure hell. Why do my Diabetes comments seem to come back and kick me in the A$$? At Fridays Endo visit, Dr D asked about lows. Is Maddison having any serious lows? "Nope" I said......knowing I shouldn't have said that! The Diabetes demons must always be listening to prove us wrong!

Maddison really hasn't had many lows lately (knocking on wood!)and certainly not any under 60. That is, until Dr D asked in the office Friday. Damn Diabetes demons! Hours after our appointment we got home from a quick trip shopping and Maddison was 46. Great. That's what I get for answering the Diabetes questions it seems, every time! She also had three more numbers this weekend under 60.....Ahhh!!!

My other silly superstition is starting Maddison's new meter. I'm always so eager to get started with a brand new meter thinking I can keep the averages looking great. But, I have this silly thing in the back of my mind telling me I can't start a new meter because every time I do Maddison's blood sugars go wild. Instead of a new meter holding all great numbers showing "my best efforts" it suddenly shows that I need to change a million things. Seriously, this happens every time! On the kitchen counter sits a brand new Freestyle meter begging to be used. In my mind sits the fear that if I start the new meter it will flash back number chaos in the weeks ahead. I dont want to "jinx" our good path we have been on. How silly am I?

Tonight I actually have to look at some night basals for Maddison. She tends to be too low going to bed (around 100) so I have to give her something to bump her to a safer range **almost** nightly the past few weeks. Then she seems to drop over 50 points somewhere around 1-3am. Tonight will be the deciding night on what needs to be changed. I hope. I think the culprit is the fact that she runs wild outside every day after school in our beautiful AZ weather (70degrees!) for many hours. Her lows seem to hit 6-8hours after, as always. So, I see that the nights she plays hard the lows come and the nights she doesn't play outside she is *usually* pretty stable. Too bad a temp basal never seems to work out right. That would be the easiest solution. So, do I adjust the basal assuming most nights she is this active or do I leave it and wake up to catch the low? Probably not the safest choice. A snack on active nights is totally out of the question. Eating after 7pm for Maddison = holy craziness for numbers all night. I think I will adjust the basal down for the lows and wake up to correct the *highs* on the inactive nights. Damn Diabetes. I just can't figure some things out, or maybe I'm too overwhelmed to keep picking my brain.

Either way, the new meter is going to be broke in this week. Lets hope the Diabetes Demons will prove me wrong in my superstitions. :)

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Totally agree with the "as soon as you mention how good it's going, it goes!" superstition!