Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today the kids have a half day from school (11am!!) as they do every 1st Thursday of the month. That in itself would usually boost Maddison's mood in the morning. Not today. Maddison woke up a tad grumpy to begin with and she was painfully slow to get moving and up off the couch. It took her 10min to get dressed. I had to ask her 5 times to come to breakfast. She poked her waffles around her plate for what seemed like an eternity. Maddison is always slow to rise, but this was ridiculous. We were running late and I was irritated that she was deliberately not hearing me directing her to hustle. Honestly, I dont think Maddison has any hustle in her! She is always the girl skipping along stopping to investigate anything that may distract her. So cute, a great personality trait....but not today!

All week Maddison has complained that I "yell" at her every morning and "tell her too much" to hurry up. True, I probably do tell her to hurry up too much, I suppose I need to get down to her level and make sure she is listening, or she needs to wake up earlier. I can tell you I DO NOT YELL at her in the mornings, but to Maddison when her Dad or I raise our voice to her she thinks we are "yelling" at her. So, when I raise my voice so she gets moving in the morning (she is usually playing with the dog, her bird or playing with her toys) she doesn't do as I say. I ask again....and then of course she considers that "nagging." -Sigh- This morning we had it out over her sassy attitude towards me. It got pretty ugly. She always thinks she is right! She doesn't feel she "deserved" to be "yelled" at this morning. She is passing my limit of tolerance lately. Sassy has got to go.

Maddison went to the Nurse's office to check 2hrs after breakfast as scheduled this morning. The Nurse emailed me to let me know she was angry at her meter for "giving a random number" because she felt low and the meter read 213. The Nurse said she was being Sassy and calling her meter "stupid" and a "liar" while banging it on the counter and slamming her drawer. I'm so frustrated with that! I have explained until I am blue in the face that I totally understand why she is upset. I understand how she can feel low and isn't, but she tells me I don't understand. If anyone would understand, it would be me! I think she is just getting to "that age" when mom knows nothing. Alot of eye rolling has been going on, as well as the nasty tone of voice that sounds like I am the dumbest mother in the world. I remember when Hannah started with that around this age. As I said, Sassy has got to go! What happened to my sweet and polite mommy's girl?

Maddison goes to the Endo next week and I suppose I will ask for suggestions on how to help Maddison through this "lying meter" stage. I mean, what else can I do? I feel bad for her, I know she really does feel low. I've asked her a million questions to the point that she shuts down. Are you hungry when you say you feel low and aren't? Do you realize the "low" number that isn't really low is always between 180-230? Do you feel dizzy? Weak? Shaky? Tummy ache? Nervous? Stressed? Excited? Did you play hard on the playground? Poor Maddie. I know it is frustrating. She honestly believes her meter at school AND home is lying, then she checks with my meter and it is lying too! Funny how she has convinced herself that she is right and the meters are all in cahoots together! Sorry, I can't help but laugh at that one.(not in front of her of course!)

BTW, I did go visit my Dad yesterday since Hannah's Volleyball practice was in their neighborhood. He looks like the same old worn out Dad I have seen the last many years. I expected him to be laid up in bed feeling horrid, so this was a nice surprise to see him along the same path. We visited him about 2 weeks ago, and his mood was even brighter than then. I think he is doing fine. Now I can sleep at night! Together we watched the Barrett Jackson Car Auction on TV and he laughed alot as I updated him on my crazy kids over the past few weeks. Geez I love that grumpy old man!

In other news...I finally upped my basal rate from .20 per hour to .25 per hour 24/7 since I have been waking up in the 130's for many, many months now. The 130's-160's have been my magical number for a few months now during the day too. Seems no matter what I would do my numbers would stay there. I didn't want to believe it, I didn't want to mess with basals and stress about it, so I left it. Well, being so motivated by the workout bandwagon, I just went ahead and changed it yesterday. The result? 110-130 most of the day. Weird. Not what I expected, BUT, I am soooo happy I woke up at 85 this morning instead of the normal 130! YAY me! I wasn't so sure about starting on the treadmill at 85 with a new basal rate though, so I didn't bolus my 6c Double Shot Expresso. I was 101 15min after starting my workout, so I popped half a glucose tab (because I was worried and had no energy!) and ended an hour later at 136. Not too bad. I hope I don't come crashing down with the new rate today though! (yesterday I didn't wake up in time for my workout!) so this will be the deciding day. Hoping for the best, as always!

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Jill said...

Poor Maddison! :( You think maybe she's having diabetes burnout? It might be that combined with the natural sassiness of the age. Sounds like she's just frustrated with it all. Unfortunately I don't know what to offer you as far as advice. Hopefully this "phase" will pass.

So glad you went to see your Dad :)

Those numbers you're having a great :) Glad the adjustments are working for you :D

**Big hugs to you both**