Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One week down

By the middle of last week I finally figured out how to start my morning workout. (Has it really been THAT long??!!) Yes, it HAS been that long. I'm starting over. I'm starting from scratch with all new insulin needs compared to the last time my lazy butt got out of bed at 5am to run miles. What was before, isn't anymore. My insulin needs since then have doubled (although my basal is still just .20/hr!!) Sorry, I know that amazes most of you!

It used to be, I would have a QUICK cup of coffee without bolus to get me through the workout. (I really cant wait for my coffee until after!) It used to be, I couldn't have active insulin during a workout or I would probably have ended up dead, even if I reduced the bolus. My morning coffee is 13c because I use the naughty creamer! So, thinking I still couldn't bolus for the entire amount and was scared not to bolus SOME, I reduced the bolus by half...15 min into my miles I was 248! Over a 100 point spike! Afterwards, I reduced my basal for the following 4 hours but quickly saw that I didn't need to! What the heck!? My routine is 40 min of cardio by slow jog and 30 minutes of free weights. No reduction in basal required? I hung around 180-230all day! YUCK.

Day two was better, I had just a half a cup of coffee and bolused more. I still spiked to around 190! Day three I decided I had it with Mr Liver and Mrs Carbs, I'm going back to my beloved Starbucks Double Shot Expresso LIGHT...ONLY 6 carbs and not sweetened with the dreaded creamer! Just splenda! I bolused just 3 carbs.....and 15 minutes in I was only 30 points higher at 150! After 30 minutes I was 158, and an hour later I was down to 120. YAY! One week down, same results so far this week! It can't be THAT easy can it?

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Scott K. Johnson said...

What's that? Consistency? Diabetes? Um, no, it's not that easy...


Here's to hoping you can make it work though! Great job on getting the exercise!