Thursday, January 29, 2009

"The only thing"

Isn't it great when simple things our kids say make us smile inside and out? Yesterday after an icky 48 low Maddison said to me "Mom, the only thing I don't like about Diabetes is when I have to stop playing because I'm low." While I was crying inside for the fact that my eight year old has this devil of a disease, I couldn't help but smile at the same time too. If the lows are the "only thing" that Maddison doesn't like about Diabetes, then I think we are doing GREAT.

I'm sure other days Maddison would have more she "doesn't like about Diabetes", but I was surprised to hear her one complaint after the horrible low she just experienced. As Maddison laid on the couch fighting the terrible 48 low, all she could think about was getting back outside to play. She didn't think about all the other frustrations of the disease as I do when a "bad" low kicks my ass. Maddison just wanted her juice, to feel better and be on her way. I sat with her on the couch as she laid there with her little heart pounding and her tiny body shaking. I felt her pale, moist skin as the sweat started to overcome her, and we waited together in silence. This was an unusual low that actually forced Maddison to stop playing. Most lows you wouldn't even notice so much, but this time she had no choice but to lay down and recover. These "bad" lows always make me stop and think too much. All the what if's....what if we didn't catch this one soon enough? What if she were to stop feeling her lows in the future? What if, what if, what if.

"The only thing" Maddison said as she recovered from this low was that she wasn't done playing outside. The only thing I could think was how proud I am knowing all that she goes through, yet she doesn't ever let it keep her down for long.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Kids are so resilient! It is amazing. Where do we adults lose that?

mel said...

Sweet little Maddison! Somehow, that doesn't surprise me.....but it is great for you to hear!

Angie said...

Oh my...what strength she has! I can only imagine how proud and scared you must be all at the same time!