Thursday, January 8, 2009

A day to sleep

For the past two weeks I have been feeling overall, CRUMMY. Not obviously sick, just crummy. Headache, sore throat, chills, tired beyond belief and achy all over. It just comes and goes. I feel feverish although I don't have a fever. My blood sugar has been spiking higher than normal, but otherwise fine. I thought too much fun for New Years Eve was the culprit. Way too much wine and staying up late, crazy Christmas sleeping patterns. The worst of all symptoms is my mental fog. I keep feeling low because COGNITIVELY I can't focus and my mind is swimming in confusion. WEIRD, a very weird bug this is, going on a second week with no relief in sight. ICK!

I was thinking that perhaps my fatigue was coming from the changing back to school routine. Strange lows had me up checking Maddison every two hours since Monday. Waking so often definitely feels the same as when you awake to feed a newborn so often. That would explain the fogginess. Yesterday after work I was forced to lay on the couch, I just couldn't be productive. I was soooo tired, as in my whole body was in shut down mode. I have been sore from getting back into the workout routine on top of this icky bug and I do wake up at an earlier 5am to do so. But man. I used to feel so good after morning workouts. By 4pm lately I am ready to hide under my covers, just when the girls are home from school and ready to go! Volleyball practice, Horse riding lessons, homework, and dinner. Life doesn't slow down because I want to sleep! So this morning it did. I called in sick to work. This time for ME.

Last night Maddison had some wicked lows again starting right around dinner time. Two juice boxes and a tablespoon of cake frosting finally had her hoovering around in the 60's. Guess she played harder outside with friends than I thought! By bedtime three hours later she was just 107, gave her another juice box of 16c.....which normally she would only need half at this time of night. I came in to check her about an hour and a half later and she was 148. Ahhhh...that feels safe. By midnight she was 403!! WTF!!?? Either she rebounded somehow or the damn frosting was hiding someone in that tummy of hers, waiting to piss me off. My guess was the frosting, but 5 hours later? Thats one hell of a delayed high!

So, chasing numbers for Maddison all night left me even more achy and tired. I got the kids off to school and came back home to my bed! My day to sleep away this bug! Oh how I needed this uninterrupted sleep! Not surprised, the phone must have rang 50 times. The Pharmacy, appointment reminders, phone solicitors, ugh! I'm trying to sleep here people! So much for uninterrupted. I guess maybe when my children leave home. I planned on sleeping just 3 hours or so and getting up to some hot tea and my treadmill. Um, no. Not quite. I hit snooze and decided to sleep until 1pm just in time to shower and pick up Maddison from school. What happened to my day to sleep?

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Ug. That sounds not fun. I hope you're feeling back to great very soon, and that both of your numbers cooperate.