Monday, January 26, 2009

Basal testing-We're LATE!!

Well, last night I compiled some great info on Maddison's recent overnight weirdness. I was up too often for testing of course, which made us LATE for school and work! I guess I must have been in a deep sleep cycle when the alarm blared for my 5am workout. I somehow managed to turn that alarm off and not reset it to get up in time to get the kids ready for school and me ready for work! 7:20 the dog decided I must be late and refused to let me sleep any longer. Thank you my trusty furry friend! The kids were late for school and I again win the biggest loser mom award for the hundredth time this school year. This will be 7 tardies for my girls!!!! Damn basal testing!

Maddison was a tad high for going to bed last night at 218. I know from last week not to correct in full or she will be too low. So, I decided not to correct at all and start the basal testing anyway.

8:45pm 218
11pm 195
1am 211
4am 169 ( I should have gotten up at 3am!)
5am 176 (supposed to be to get up and exercise! I thought it was to check!)
7am 67

YIKES!! I made the needed basal changes, and so tonight of course testing continues! I wonder how many nights it will take to get it right? How am I going to make sure I wake up in time to get the kids off to school? I swear they need an alarm that you can customize! Mine would be in Maddison's recorded voice "MOM, I'm LOW!!" The alarm clock I have apparently doesn't wake me up anymore or my sleep cycles are all screwed up and I'm in deep sleep not hearing ANYTHING. Surely an alarm clock blaring "MOM I'M LOW!!" would wake me up! I hate being LATE, and I'm hating my messed up sleep patterns even more. I'm tired all day and can't stop thinking to go to bed at night. I can't wake up in the mornings and UGH! Basal testing again isn't helping me. Lets hope this first basal change was the right change!


Scott K. Johnson said...

I so feel for you. Lack of good sleep is very hard to live with. Here's to hoping you get it nailed down and get back to some sort of regular schedule (is there such a thing?).

Val said...

I don't know, I think an alarm clock blaring "Mom, I'm LOW" would have me just pouring juice down someone's throat in my sleep - that's what I do to myself when my dexcom goes off once too often - only later to discover it was saying I was HIGH not LOW. Oh, well. Good luck with basal testing & hopefully you will get some sleep soon!