Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A better Monday

Maddison made the transition back to school Monday without complaint. Ok, she did complain, but it wasn't enough to make me cringe. I decided against switching her pump to the school basal pattern set at 200% higher rates all day. Good thing. Her numbers were 187, 134 and 96 when she got home. HOORAY! I made the right decision for a change! Hopefully today's numbers will be similar, but I am guessing the
"stress" will start to set in again and basals will go back up. Maybe not. I really don't feel like chasing her school numbers on top of my workout numbers. ICK.

When I picked Maddison up from school she was very sad looking which isn't typical. Normally she is a smiley, bouncing and silly girl because she can't wait to get the heck out of there! Turns out she was just at the nurse's office for the 134 INSISTING she was low. She will try to convince you she is dropping, and of course alot of times she is right. But the nurse sent her back to class without a glucose tab for comfort. The frustration in her voice lead me to something I should have done a long time ago. We went to the nurse's office and tested her meter with the control solution. I showed her that the solution assures us the meter is working properly. I think this conversation is what sparked her meltdown after school. Poor thing, I know she feels low alot and isn't. I know she honestly thinks the meter is wrong. She even told me it "throws out random numbers" When we got home it all came crashing down but she quickly recovered when we realized she still had alot active from lunch and needed a snack to boost her back up. She felt all better after a bowl of cereal and a quick vent of why school is "evil" and why I should believe her that her meter is wrong. -Sigh- I've tried to explain to her why she feels one way and her meter says another. She just won't hear me. I can only imagine how hard this is for our little ones.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Good thing you didn't change the basal rates! She would have been crashing all day!

I wonder if she's not just simply hungry when she feels low and is not? Sometimes when I'm low I get ravenously hungry, which also happens when I'm, well, ravenously hungry! Might be hard for her to tell the difference?