Sunday, January 11, 2009

No. 3

Hannah is No. 3 and plays the "setter" position on her Volleyball league. Saturday was her first tournament, they won some and lost some. Overall it was a great exprience and all the girls played with new found skill and determination. They were awesome! I was so proud to see Hannah's developing skills and see the confidence shine in the skills she has built over the past few months.

Next weekend we head to Tucson for a day filled with yet more challenging games. Hannah is becoming such a young lady! Every day she is eating more and more and growing in height at an astonishing rate! She is nearing my height so quickly, which I never expected at the age of just 12. My little girl is growing up and amazing me more every day. Volleyball has brought back the feel good in Hannah's life. She lives and breathes for the game, plays hard and learns more about herself in the process. No 3 will be going somewhere very special with Volleyball in the future. She is driven to earn scholarships for her game, and there is no doubt in my mind that she will.

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