Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Last week Maddison started her first horse riding lessons! She has been eagerly awaiting since her birthday in August for the weather to cool off. Another hot one today in Phoenix....87 degrees in November!

I have to say, I sit anxiously waiting for her riding time to be over. I can't say that I dislike horses, I just dont like an animal that is so powerful and can decide to kick you in the head, bite you or stomp on you just because he is having a bad day! Yeah...I guess I just dont like them! It must be some childhood trauma, I dont know. As much as Maddison loves her 2 hour lesson each week, I hate for the day to come around. I'm honestly nervous the entire time. She looks like she is about to slide off, the dust gets in my eyes, the horse trots a little too fast, the other horses make too much noise that I am sure they will make Maddison's horse freak out.... I know, I worry too much. I'm proud of myself though! I made it this far to actually allow Maddison to get ON a horse. I swear this girl has made me a braver, stronger person.

Maddison's riding instructor is an awesome lady, much like the "bird lady" from the rescue where Maddison volunteers. She is soft spoken, enthusiastic and takes the extra time to really make Maddison feel proud of her efforts. I'm very grateful we found these two inspiring women for Maddison to look up to. They each have a passion, and they have both built their lives around it. I don't think I could wish anything more for my child than to pursue her passion, whatever it may be. Maddison is always assuring me she will grow up like them someday. I have no doubt in my mind she will, that's for sure.

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