Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2 days

I'm so irritated right now. Yes, this is just another blog post of me bitching about Diabetes. Where have all the "easy" Diabetes days gone!? The predictability? Today's issue is that it appears we are only getting 2 days out of a pump site. Yesterday after all the lows from the prior week Maddison began to run higher in the 180's-200's again. That was day 2 of her site. I just thought it was one of those back to school Monday's that stress her out and make her feel grumpy causing her to run higher. Last night (or is that this morning) Maddison was 150 at midnight. I corrected that (her target at night is 130) and felt safe without getting up to recheck. At 7am when I leapt out of bed late, she was 258. WTF!!!???

No school today, so I dropped the girls off at their Auntie's and they headed off to the zoo. Although Maddison had a correction and huge pre-bolus for her breakfast she was 252 at 3 hours post prandial!!!!!!!!!! I knew from this morning's high number that we must be getting "clogged" sites around day 2. I chose not to change her site, and I knew I should have. Now I am angry at myself for not taking 5 minutes to change it before we headed out for today. I guess somehow I always convince myself that it isn't the site. We have never had this problem in the past, until the last few weeks that is. Once I had said to a support group mom that we don't ever have failed sites....well, guess what happened the very next day? I guess I should keep my mouth shut.

We do need to venture to trying other sites for Maddison, I know. I just hate when we do her stomache and she screams. It freaks me out! Like most kids she is so skinny there isn't much to choose from. We tried the Sure T's and we hated them. Sure T's have the needle that stays under the skin. Who would feel comfortable with a tack lodged benethe their skin? Not someone that lacks fatty tissue that's for sure. I am hoping Maddison is okay at the zoo today, I did pack a syringe in her backpack but I am afraid if I have them rewind the pump to take insulin from the resevoir they wont reconnect everything right. Now I just feel horribly guilty for not changing the site. I guess I dont know for certain it is the site. Maybe this week is her high period after the low period! Who the hell knows! I'm feeling a little more grey every day lately that's for sure.

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