Monday, November 17, 2008

My turn

Sunday the tummy bug Maddison had caught up with me. I don't know what felt worse, the fever or the constant vomiting. Luckily we had the RX Maddison received for vomiting after her visit to the ER and the second dose (after 6 hours!) eased my vomiting fairly quickly. I was able to set a temp basal on my pump to avoid lows, and hoovered in the 90's the entire 28 hours thereafter. Urine ketones showed high, but blood ketones were just .3 so I did my best to sleep it off. I survivied. I still feel like death, I'm dizzy mostly, so I am going to take it upon myself to go back to bed now. I hope no one else out there gets it!

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momofcwd said...

Oh NO!!! Get well soon, Kelly! I hope it runs its course quickly and you are back on your feet soon.{{{{{hugs}}}}}