Sunday, November 23, 2008

A reason to hope

This news release came out over a week ago. There is so much talk in the Diabetes community about wether or not *THIS* is potentially the answer to our prayers. For some reason, hearing it the first few times I didn't really think much about it. Just another "possible" break through I thought. But after another really frustrating week with Maddison's crazy highs and lows I felt I needed a dose of hope for the near future. So I tracked down the video again. This time I was already completely emotional and feeling defeated. I couldn't believe the words even after hearing them hundreds of times, "A possible cure for Type 1 diabetes". It was shocking this time, I cried and truely felt hopeful. I really believe we are getting heart aches because I want this so much for Maddison and all the kids like her. We have reason to HOPE in the near future, we really do.

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