Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Weird, silly and random things I am thankful for

Besides our health, our children and family, our beautiful home, the food on our table and the fact that Josh and I have good jobs, there are some weird and silly things I am thankful for. Some of these things that I am thankful for are even normal day to day items and places. Tonight as we have the usual dinner as a family, I plan on asking the girls what obvious, weird and silly things they are thankful for. It should be interesting since Hannah always has something very strange to mention. I love that girl. I am thankful that her sense of humor (or is that weirdness?) keeps me smiling!

Random things I am thankful for:

My camera that has captured priceless memories
My feather comforter that I couldn't sleep without!
My own office at work
An employer that treats us as family and understands WHY I miss so much work!
Cell phones that leave me feeling connected even when Hannah is away!
Aunties making a place in my children's lives
My stinky, hairy Golden Retrievers that drive me crazy
The PAST experience of having 8 perfect golden Puppies!
Febreeze!!! With three stinky Goldens it is a MUST HAVE!
Our school nurse
Our cul-de-sac street
My treadmill that is patiently waiting for my return.
The CORE excersize ball making crunches easier!
My garden
Grandma supporting Hannah's Club Volleyball wish
The "bird lady" where Maddison volunteers
The "horse lady" where Maddison rides
Our dirt colored Travertine that makes my floors look clean when they are filthy!
The fact I have been letting go of my obsessive cleaning!
1 carb chocolate milk mix
A nice pair of slippers
70 degrees in Phoenix, the middle of November
A rainy day
My childrens school
So many other things... I will spare you the boredom of reading!

Here comes the thankful part of Diabetes life.....
Having Diabetes in the modern day, not years ago when we didnt have the same advances
Maddison being dx'd at age 6 and not as a toddler
Having Diabetes, a "manageable" disease, not cancer, MS, Lupus, etc.
Insulin pumps
Temporary basal rates!
No more NPH!
The members at that taught me everything I know forums that listened, helped me grieve, rejoice and learn
"D" bloggers, especially Penny, Scott, Sandra, Michelle, Kerri, Lynnea and Lea
Our local support group families
All Maddison's past news articles spreading awareness of Children with Diabetes
Did I already mention our school nurse?!
CGMS for people that need/want them
Rufus and Ruby, Maddison's beloved Diabetes bears that bring her such comfort
Maddison's ability to drink juice while still asleep
504 plans
Diabetes making our family more compassionate and caring every day, in every way
Diabetes bringing back the reminder to cherish each other and each new day

Our first overcast, rainy day in months is finally pouring down on Phoenix. I love the rain! Today is about to get very hectic. After school the girls and I will start to prepare all the yummy Thanksgiving fixings. I am very thankful my girls enjoy helping to prepare for holidays at home. As the usual Thanksgiving tomorrow, family will be coming to our house. So much to do, so little time. My Hannah was actually born Thanksgiving morning, November 28th at 8:38am in 1996. On Friday..BLACK FRIDAY, THIS FRIDAY.... my Hannah will be 12!! She is my turkey baby, I think that makes Thanksgiving even more special for us. I hope you all have a great holiday!! I'm sending wishes to stay free from the Diabetes demons, enjoy all the days food and festivities, think square bolus and rejoice!

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Wendy said...

I'm thankful for your caring ears that always seem to "hear" what's really going on, even when I try to sugarcoat it! LOVE YOU!!!