Thursday, November 27, 2008


Well, this is it. This is the last day/year that we have a pre-teen Hannah. Next year Hannah will 13! 13 is a year away and I'm already freaked out about it! Today my Hannah is 12!!!!

On 11-28-1996 we had our first beautiful baby girl. At 5lb 15oz she was just a tiny little thing, arriving nearly a month early, but I was completely prepared and surprisingly not nervous at all. From pregnancy to labor and delivery, everything with Hannah was the perfect new mom experience. (except the borderline Gestational Diabetes!)I never felt more beautiful or happy in my life. I LOVED being pregnant and was so sad when I didn't have her inside of me kicking around anymore. Despite my young age of 19, I couldn't wait to be a mom. I think I am just naturally a person of nurture. Josh was the perfect Dad-to- be and he was/is fabulous as a Father. We never imagined 12 years could fly by so quickly. From first steps and first words, to the first day of school, Hannah was a remarkable and loving little girl. She was filled with smiles, hugs, bright ideas and always left us laughing at her silliness. I miss my little girl!

I know that same little girl is still here hiding somewhere underneath the skinny jeans and eye liner. Although Hannah spends alot of time in teenage mode, she still has her silliness from time to time and loves to make others laugh. She is still very much a Daddy's girl.....not fair I say! Hannah is remarkable when it comes to understanding others and she has such compassion for everyone. Even when McCain lost the presidential elections Hannah said she felt bad for him because she was sure it was his dying dream to become President before he passes. Then she went on to explain in detail how old the poor guy is, leaving me laughing out loud! That's my Hannah!

All Hannah wants for her birthday is to go shopping! I'm not allowed to shop for Hannah anymore, she has to pick out everything herself. I guess I am am lame mom at the young age of 31! It seems she despises what I think she will like, and likes what I despise. Imagine that. Did I mention her birthday is on BLACK FRIDAY, the day after Thanksgiving?! Wow, she has no idea that is asking alot from me, a mom that hates shopping on normal days! So out into the chaos we will go, I am sure she won't let us bypass the mall, although I am still convincing myself she will. So HAPPY, HAPPY 12th birthday to my little girl!!! I love you more than you know!

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