Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Still testing too much

Back in August when Maddison started school her blood sugars during the day started to hit the fan. The culprit was obvious, she was nearing her 8th birthday and always has a growth spurt this time of year. Her shorts were too short and her feet outgrew all her beloved flip flops. Her basal rate increased by 150% just before school started. We had never had many highs during the day, nightime was usually when I chased numbers for these tremendous changes in insulin needs. As anyone who reads my blog knows, Maddison has had an extremely hard time adjusting to 2nd grade. School stress began to show through in her numbers the same time she was going through this major growth spurt. We battled 200's and 300's for several weeks. 300% basal rates didn't even help. I felt I had exhausted all efforts in getting this girl in range. I even had the poor girl eat the same exact breakfast for weeks while I tried to get things back on track. I had never seen anything like it.

Months ago Maddison began feeling low many times throughout her school day, she was always high. The headache, horribly tired and grumpy high. 280's, nearly every single day at school. She was going to the nurse AT LEAST 6 times a day for complaint of feeling low, headaches, stomache aches. You name it. On top of running high and feeling horrible she was desperate to get out of class. She is a school hater. She is bored to death to have to listen to anything that doesn't interest her. She has a horrible attention span, (even without the high blood sugar feelings!) and she doesn't have any classwork confidence. So we were testing her 12-15 times a day for her low feelings. We didn't have these same highs at home. But, we did have her complaining of feeling low alot, when she wasn't. So who is to say the reasons of her low feelings?

It isn't entirely feeling nervous or tired and high in class....though I know it exaggerates her feelings of low. Sometimes I confuse the high feeling with the low feelings. I hate that, especially when you have been running high and have to re-adjust to being in range. You feel so low and you aren't! It takes alot of mind power to convince yourself you will be okay and you aren't at risk. For now Maddison is just having to re-learn her bodies feelings. I'm very sad for what she is going through, especially now as she is finally adjusting to in range numbers at school. ((KNOCK ON WOOD)) I totally know how she feels and it breaks my heart. I know time will tell and hopefully this doesn't continue to be a problem. Her little fingers are mottled and scarred with little black finger pokes. The other day she tested 19 times becuase she was sure she was low. Then she ends up being so upset in tears pleading with me to trust her feelings. She threw her meter to the ground and ran for her room. We both had alot of tears before I could convince her to come out. I feel like nothing I said could help her feel better. I hate Diabetes today. I hate that it tricks Maddison into doubting her feelings. I hate that it makes her cry. I just want her to be back to good feeling Diabetes days again.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

That really sucks. As if she doesn't have enough going on right?