Friday, November 28, 2008

Thank you for "good" numbers

Did I mention how grateful I am for the past few days of Maddison's GREAT blood sugars? Maddison has been blessed with GREAT numbers since Tuesday, none over 150 and none under 70! She is still on a 200% basal rate for her cold, but WOW, amazing blood sugars considering the Thanksgiving feast and treats galore, Hannah's birthday cake, eating out several times AND fighting a cold! I am so grateful for these few days of peace with numbers.... I'm completely relieved from the stress of all the recent highs. These numbers couldn't have come on a better weekend. (yes, I do realize I worry too much about numbers)

In the OH NO! news category, my endo called me on Wednesday at work to let me know I need to come in sooner than my December appointment. It seems my TSH from recent lab work came in very low so we need to do some additional blood work. Unfortunately, I have had Thyroid nodules ever since I can remember. I am over due for a follow up Ultrasound on my Thyroid to evaluate any changes. In months past I have had low TSH levels that have always recovered without the need to start medication, but this time I feel we are looking at the death of yet another part of me. Bye Bye normal Thyroid function! I'm not surprised, and I'm hoping for the best. I have been nauseated daily for weeks since our bout of the stomache flu and perhaps that just did me in. The GREAT A1c came back at 6.1% which matches perfectly with my meter average. Of course now my goal is to get my A1c under 6% (ridiculous, I know) So, I have minor adjusting to do with overnight basals since I can't seem to wake up under 130. Overall, I am ECSTATIC for having a break with Maddison's chaotic blood sugars and thankful I am still a honeymooner with a very healthy A1c! Now hoping for an easy Thyroid answer........cheers to a great LONG weekend that is just beginning!

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